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Thursday, April 7

School Holidays Begin

It has been a while since I have experienced the humble school holiday, it isn't really an experience, but hell I like to over-exaggerate.

I have completed my first term of make-up school and I didn't injure or maim anybody.

I just calculated that in the last two weeks I have spent close to ok extremely close to two hundred dollars in cosmetics and magazines, but luckily for me I can claim it was all in the name of my study, because reading 'Allure' and 'Instyle' is really quite a demmanding task, but it must be done and I cannot, nay MUST not go and rock the boat, and somebody said "you can never have too many eyeshadows" and believe it or not I believe that statement to be absolutely true, and I have to spend accordingly.

But it's all in the name of education, creamy, sheer, matte education.

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