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Monday, April 12

life in point form.

- finally have decided on a second tattoo, that will be discreet (a.k.a only to be seen by lovers), sentimental, unique, and will make me seem much more romantic than I really am.

- have converted my friends into watching Maude episodes with me

- I got a whole bunch of slightly water damaged Western DVD's back from an unnamed international shipping company... my weekend is sorted.

- I'm sorting out my home and putting shit in shelves. It's look good.

- still sick, has gotten to the point where work has made me take a week off next week, where I will be poked and prodded more but without the cushion of medicare bulk billing, hopefully they will tell me that all the fuckery is cancer so I can just get microwaved for free already.

- yeah I'm the type of person who thinks cancer is lucky.

- selling all my life on eBay, I need the money and the space.

- everyone's birthday is this month or next so am looking for presents, one is almost sorted, the next will be soon, I hate being a fairweather friend

- I keep on dreaming about making duck confit, I think I might go and buy some duck fat (in a few years when I can afford it)