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Wednesday, December 26

Christmas Dinner turned out a treat, I forget that I'm actually capable of making quite lovely meals when I pay attention and follow recipes, except Mother kinda ruined dessert she bought some hideous low fat flavour free chocolate swirl ice cream, which went well with anything.

But alls well that ends well, there is barely any leftovers to pack away or clean up but still a little Sangria and Caddyshack on the T.V

This is how Jesus would of wanted it.

Tuesday, December 25

Christmas 2007

Well I'm officially moving into a cute lil' terrace house in my beloved Marrickville.

It's Christmas Eve and I'm watching some horrid made for TV movie a modern take of a Christmas Carol with Tori Spelling, Gary Coleman and William Shatner..

I have to stay up and watch it as I have to stay up late tonight to cook Christmas dinner as Mother decided at 4pm Cristmas eve that I would be hosting Christmas Dinner at my house and that Deryn would be driving down to Sydney to eat and then flee back home to make breakfasts for hungover millionaires on Boxing Day.

With no notice and a hurried shouted out shopping list to my mother over the phone in a low reception area Christmas will be as follows.

Vichy Carrots
My Roast Potato Salad.
Blanched Green Beans with Almonds
Roast Leg of Lamb with a balsamic and mint sauce
Roast Pork with an Apple Hazlenut Stuffing and Apple/Hazlenut Butter Sauce
Christmas Icecream (packaged pudding and booze mixed through ice-cream)
Fresh fruit and Brandy Custard

It's not bad for a few hours planning and using the crap in my cupboard, let's hope it works out...

It did however throw a spanner in the works as it has totally fucked up my plan of getting stoned whilst watching musicals all day.

Family... bah humbug!

At least National Lampoon Christmas will be on so there is a positive, it is one of the great Christmas Movies out there.

Thursday, December 20

Too much stuff

I have put a deposit on a cute lil terrace house lets see if they approve me

I have almost got a new job

I'm tired and poor,

apart from that it's all pretty good

more information as it happens

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Friday, December 7

Why oh why is it when I have no money (well not enough to justify the postage) is the dress I have been lusting over for months on sale for this week only at 50% off?

On the plus side I did make preserved lemons and limes today and I think they will be an absolute treat and actually turn out the way I have intended and not like my strawberry jam/ overcooked strawberry syrup.

I am really wanting to do some more preserving, I am jonesing for some fetta in fancy flavoured oil mmmm fetta. Ok I'm really just jonesing to be a housewife that makes preserves all day, in between my bridge games and my daily romps with various tradesmen... mmm tradesmen

I have had some really odd pre-period cravings this last week I have been desperate for 'Sweet and Sour pork' not something well done but that gawdawful cheap version made out of battered pork pieces deep fried and coated in an almost toffee like fluorescent red sweet and sour sauce and some slivers of onion for show, Still every where I have been to this last week has seemed not to have it on the menu, probably lucky for me that they didn't I feel like I could inhale a whole bloody bathtub of the stuff right now.

Now how to get the dress without spending any money? It's much harder to shoplift from online stores.

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