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Thursday, October 11

Dillemma #498632

I hate dilemmas especially ones that involve me and money and carrots that are being dangled in front of me that look like wads of much needed cash.

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Wednesday, October 10

Big Day Out 2008: Part One - tickets obtained.

I have spent the last of my money on 'Big Day Out' tickets it's already sold out and it took my brother a helper (my darling Boo) and myself all sitting in a virtual queue for a couple of hours to make sure we got tickets and we did so I am now happy. If there's something I like it's an opportunity to get inebriated in a large crowd and listen to a whole heap of music.

woot! now I just need me a sugar daddy to keep me in this lifestyle of being inebriated constantly and travelling from festival to festival.

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Monday, October 8


There's a sense of smug self satisfaction when an ex-boyfriend sends you a late night message declaring that he still wants you.

I haven't paid my mobile phone bill so I couldn't respond, it's a good thing because I can spend some time crafting a touching yet witty response that will leave him feeling better about himself, instead of my usual response when an ex calls of "fuck off! I'm married you've just woken the kid! but yeah we should do coffee some time"

It's nice to know that exes think about me, it means two good things about me a) that I'm great in bed and b) my personality is not so annoying that it counteracts my walnut cracking pelvic floor muscles.

P.S. I have never placed walnuts into my 'corporate box' and I don't recommend you to do it either but I'm assuming that I can crack walnuts based solely on what I can do to ping pong balls.

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Friday, October 5

What is Octsober?

Now if you are a friend of mine on the facebook (and checked my profile on occasion) you would of noticed I am currently celebrating 'Octsober' a new holiday on the Kimberly-lives calendar, it's my first year of celebrating (as I just made it up last month) and there are some rules that I have to stick to in order to get the best out of Octsober.

- No alcohol is to be consumed during 'Octsober' (convieniently held over the month of October)

I did make a slight exception with this rule as I'm allowed to taste test the hooch i have been making with these and also they barely made three percent alcohol

- If I am seen with an alcoholic drink then I have to purchase two alcoholic drinks for everyone who spots me with booze.

- I am not to consume any illicit substances

- I am not to consume any wheat products or white rice or refined sugar

I have to start being a good girl again, I'm drinking far too much and eating the bad foods that make me sleepy so it's kind of like a detox but with a cooler name, I mean 'Octsober' that is freakin' gold that is.

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