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Friday, November 30

Got me right down to a tee, or is that T?

read this

Fat girls are like zombies. They have no purpose but to infect all others with their fatness.

If you know me personally then you would be laughing quite loudly, thinking to yourself "Kimberly? Get Married? but she's a bit of slut who can't stand anyone sharing her spotlight, plus she's not very attractive, intelligent or good in bed"


I do have a confession,

I do want to get married one day.


I know, I know and you are probably thinking why on earth would someone like me want to get married and I have only one answer to give plain and simple.

It's the cake, I mean your wedding is the only time in your life really where you can have a three tiered cake with a mini statuette of yourself without looking like an absolute wanker, you can be annoying and have a cake with different flavoured layers, and people will line up for hours just to have a slice. If I could have a three tiered cake at my next birthday I wouldn't be thinking like a crazy person and want to get married, If I could get a three tiered cake with my flat white at the local cafe I would be a happy chappy indeed and not be one of these marriage obsessed 'fat girls'

I'm guessing that's why so many girls enter into marriage, for the cake.

I'm guessing that's why so many people divorce too, so that they can re-marry and have more cake.

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Wednesday, November 28

Status update

I'm tired, waay too tired, I have to defer Uni for a while next year, I have to get a full time job, there is no way possible that I can afford to live in Sydney, maintain my obligations and Attend Uni full time on my current income and the condition of the scholarship I'm under means I can only do this thing full time or not at all and I don't qualify for any other funding sooo...

I'm looking for a full time job, I'm thinking I might keep with my polling job and find another phone job I'd really like a job that I could wear slippers to.

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Sunday, November 25

Yay it's New PM Day!

I honestly didn't think it would happen but it did, it really did a new Prime Minister

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Friday, November 23

Tuesday, November 6

Where have I been?

I haven't been able to pay for my phone bill, and won't be able to for some time yet (so no internet from home) so while I'm away will you promise to imagine me in a series of sexy adventures with my hair all tousled by skin glistening with perspiration and my top two buttons undone?

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