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Wednesday, November 18

Self portraits whilst bored at work

When I'm bored I draw self portraits, it's self indulgent wank but it keeps me occupied and reminds me that my life is just like a long never ending Cathy comic except I unlike Cathy don't say ack! and I actually posess a sense of humour.

Me in a Cardigan

Me as a robot

Me crying because I miss gluten

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Friday, November 13

Got Promoted

Nothing else to say, it's a better role slightly higher pay and government involvement,

I think I'm happy bout it.

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links; i have been wasting my time on

I have been super sick for the last week my insides have turned into jelly I cannot go anyhwere unless it's within ten feet of a toilet, doctors have just asked me to rest but it's been almost two weeks without pay and I'm getting mighty bored and scaredabout being more poverty stricken than ever before

 links that I found interesting.
weird meat: it's an interesting collection of a mans attempt to eat as many unusual mean products as he can, I've only gone so far as bull testicles but this makes me want to go a little crazier when my lower intestine decides to be co-operative

my parents were awesome; user submited photos of peopel parents before the kids came and sapped the lifeblood out of them, i love it as it's a reminder that everyone at some point has a phase being drunk and camwhoring.

post secret; I mean who doesn't read it, love it, I want to send something in but my secrets are probably a touch too contraversial

texts from last night; name really says it all same for Overheard in New York

eggs, eggs  and more eggs I am going to perefect the egg and all will come from lands far and wide to see my magnificent eggs

a great article; on catching a potential child molester from both the police and the criminal/victims point of view, and an interesting video about an individual dealing with paedophile urges,

in lighter non child molestation links;

when  smoke; usually when I'm drinking I usually gravitate toward menthol cigarettesno I know why, because they were made my magical flying penguins and I'm into whimsical mystical shit like that

why do I need to add commentary the video speaks on so many levels to all sorts of people.

Oh and Indian Superman with his love interest Spidergirl

Wednesday, November 4


I've been well...ish well I had been I had managed to avoid gluten for over a month so was feeling on top of the world except last three days my digestive process has been much quicker and more liquidy than desired (even minus gluten) So off I went to the Doctor who immediately declared me to be pregnant, but I debunked that theory when I advised him that I had bled a few days ago, so he then declared me to have food poisoning or a virus which I agreed to and then he said I would be fine by tomorrow if I only ate eggs and rice and other bland foods which I did but I'm still churning away turning all that enters me into biley soupiness, but alls well that ends well I have spend my time productively watching

Community (the t.v series) ; which has to be the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time, dare I say funnier than 30Rock but not as funny as The Mary Tyler Moore Show my benchmark in Sitcom funniness, or M.A.S.H in the golden period of about a season that had both Colonel Potter and Frank Burns)

Delocated: (another T.V series); Adult Swim it's pretty damn funny

Mad Men Season Three; It's letting me down in so many ways, Don is a Douche, Betty is a Douche, Peggy is nowhere to be seen but I'm still watching because it's so pretty

Dexter Season Four; Good so far, but too much naked John Lithgow for my tastes, should read the books but y'know why bother when there is a T.V version

Born Yesterday;  A movie from 1950? I used to love this movie, the one liners, her accent! and this faboo sequinned jumpsuit she wears as loungesuit, it's a wonderful way to pass the day away.