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Friday, January 28

Live from 'Casa del Kimberly'

Ok am a touch excited, I finally got off my sizeable arse and got the phone connected today, and thus am now surfing my sizeable arse off on the internet.

Ok Less talk about 'das booty'

Deryn (that's my brother folks) and two of his mates Brent and Daniel crashed at my place for a couple of nights for the 'Big Day Out' I was to go but Daniel, missed out on tickets and me being the pathetic pushover that I am I sold him my ticket, therefore missing out on my beloved 'Beastie Boys' and just the smell of stale sweat, cheap bourbon, and urine. Oh and the blisters! oh how I treasured the battle wounds of the music festivals I attended, as I would apply ointment to my chafed inner thighs and think that was from 'Powderfinger' or when icing the bruise on my left calf thinking 'Sonic Animation' did that one, or when I looked at the bloodied stump where my left hand used to be and sigh and think of 'Silverchair'

Ok my left hnd didn't get amputated at a Silverchair concert but if it did I'd be right now cashing in my compensation cheques.

I am far too selfish, I need to work on that, that and my reckless spending habits, today I purchased towels, two pairs of jeans a red pair of shoes and underarm whitening deodorant. Oh and a pluggy thing for my phone line.

I was only supposed to get the pluggy thing, but the jeans were only ten bucks a pair and the towels were green and oh so lush and on special and the shoes were red and shiny and I don't have a life or a boyfriend to help kill my animal instincts.

So the moral to my story is if I was getting laid, I'd be much more controlled and efficient in my day to day life.

So the only solution apart from getting into a boob tube and heading down to the pub with my fingers crossed and my legs open, is to purchase me an expensive vibrator such as this one, yes I know it would send me to the poor house but It's for the greater good a.k.a me

But now, bed

Wednesday, January 26

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day!

I'm at central station, this is a photo of a crazy lady who has been coughing up miscellaneous goo for the last ten minutes, she's wearing an aboriginal flag, so I thought I'd post a picture to celebrate the european invasion of Australia and what has become of the indigenous population. She is sadly just one of many here at central station. Happy Australia Day!

Saturday, January 22

Well Duh!

Well Duh!

Ok, well duh! This lady is usually here in Surry Hills every Saturday, with her collection of foetus filled flyers. I don't know why I'm posting this, I am quite bored actually.

Wednesday, January 19

The Ice woman Cometh

If one more person asks me if I am excited about moving into my own place I seriously will disembowel them and wear their entrails as a wig.

I have tried being excited but a dark fog has hung over the whole moving in process, a dark, gold jewelry wearing, Chanel Chance smelling fog, Deryn, Dad and I called this fog 'The Dragon Lady' but when in the presence of this fog we call her Mother.

She wants to sorta live in "Casa del Kimberly" well not live there, just bathe, eat and sleep there.

I don't get along well with her, and I don't think landlord would appreciate blood spilled within the first week of me moving in.

Tuesday, January 18

Welcome to "Casa del Kimberly"

Welcome to "Casa del Kimberly"

So here it is, my new apartment, well the kitchen part of it at least, well first things first, I have to get rid of the cabbage stink left by the previous tenant.

Thursday, January 13



Why must every toilet in Australia have my name in it?

At Starbucks, Darling Harbour

At Starbucks, Darling Harbour

I'm at with my friend Matt, the chai tea frappucino was yummy. That is all.

On the bus

On the bus

I'm currently on the Busways coach from Bulahdelah to Sydney, and I'm bored, subtle hint to anyone reading, I need an ipod!

Wednesday, January 12

EXTRA: Commitment-phobe makes Commitment

I sign my lease tommorrow,

It means I have to commit to something, and as you all know I'm a commitment-phobe and therefore rent freaks the be-jesusness out of me.

I don't believe I have ever used the term 'be-jesusness' before.

I'm so scared of becomming a tennant that I have started using made-up-pseudo-words.

Oh well it could be worse, I could have below-average skin, but my average skin is holding up well.

Tuesday, January 11

My Brother and his trip to Africa

Originally uploaded by kimberly.lives.
Did I tell you about the time my brother went to Africa? no? well he was loved by everyone so much so that the infamous 'Djobouti' tribe of Kenya allowed him to participate in their annual fertility dance.


Or today at Garden City Shopping Centre, Deryn saw a photo booth that did funny photos and superimposed his mug onto a photo of African tribesmen, for entertainment value.

The first story while it didn't happen, it is totally feesable.

Saturday, January 8

Happy Birthday Matt!

Happy Birthday Matt!

Mobile update: At mac donalds with this man! If you don't hear from me call the police.

Thursday, January 6

I'm ready

Yes, so 2005 is shaping up to be less swomewhat... what is the word, um er 'FUCKED UP'

I have a school to go to... that's a positive point
I have almost got a place to live in... that's also a positive point
I'm turning 21... that's positive, but I look and feel like I'm 38 with a crack addiction so being older is really a neutral point.
I have a new and exciting blog, with mobile blogging capabilities... that's a positive

I might also add I'm starting 2005 with less flea bites than any other year!

I'm ready to take on the world.

(note: this entry might of been fuelled by excess vodka and prozac consumption, do not try it at home kiddies unless you have a crazy doctor who will pescribe you anything)

(note: I'm not really on prozac, I'm on lithium)

Monday, January 3

My first mobile entry!

My first mobile entry!

Taken on platform 25 at central station, while i was hot and sweaty not that that has anything to do with that.