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Saturday, July 30

Ode to the D

My Brother Deryn is in Town and have spent the weekend in a happier than usual state (no it's not drug related) I don't really say how much I truly love my brother, but he is the most caring, charming, funny person I know, he has been for the last year and a half my rock (I know a tad cliched) and has inspired me more than anyone else I know (you know that is alive right now) and I am so happy and glad to know that whatever I do in my life that my brother will always be there and I hope that I can do the same for him when I get a life. Deryn my beautiful brother, YOU ROCK and I am so proud to call you my brother and my friend

Tuesday, July 26


Sent via sms: I an stuck somewhere i can't leave with an evil tyrant, a.k.a Mother please help!

Sunday, July 24

Another nail in the coffin

Life is too busy at the moment I have too much to do and not enough time to do it in, I have been knocked around with a mother-fucker of a cold and have major assignment and I have no idea what to do, I want to cry but I'm too tired even to do that, I want to go out and get smashed and dance the night away. I have taken up smoking again, it's wrong, but fuck I love tobacco, it's so cancer causing I feel like a rebel everytime I light up.

Speaking of which I think I might go have a cigarette.

Saturday, July 16

I need.

I need something to break the monotony (movie?) but it has to be cheap or better yet free (sex?) and that doesnt require me to make an effort or physically exert myself (bad sex?) but still makes me feel better about myself (sniff glue?)

I need a life.

Wednesday, July 13

I'm pathetic: part 673

I'm in an internet cafe right now, I have just purchased myself a ticket for the movie "The sisterhood of the travelling pants" O'm hoping that it's a post period thing where I go crazy and lose all sense and taste and relish teen-chick-flicks, that or plain and simple I'm just a loser a plain and boring loser.

In the net cafe I'm in the boy i'm sitting next to is very hot not it has any re;evance to anything, it's just there are so few attractive men out there any more that any sightings should be cherished as they could be your very last vision of a hot boy, that or plain and simple I'm just trying to justify that I'm a pervert.

Yeah I know, but it's nice once in a while to pretend I'm normal