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Saturday, October 31

another saturday at work

I swapped with someone to work on Saturday today

- good because is quiet at work and I have time to think, well sort of

- bad because the weather is so beautiful outside and I could be at the Good Food festival or some other Sydney gourmet wank gathering probably eating cheese and olives (my two favourite food groups)

- good because I’m now watching ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ on my own personal TV whilst working

- bad as now I have no time to buy the final touch for my costume (hunting yellow lensed glasses)  I had planned to dress up as Walter (the John Goodman Character) from The Big Lebowski

- good as I don’t have to go to Halloween Parties I was invited by work/ half arsed friends to and make small talk to 21 year old girls dressed up as Lady Gaga whilst trying to explain the plot to The Big Lebowski and who I’m supposed to be, ok I got One good inviite might go to that one

- bad as now have nothing to do tonight halloweeny, theres a few good gigs on around town maybe can go out and see the Cuban Brothers or Bluejuice both great live shows

Tuesday, October 27

Overnight at 67c = perfection

I need a sous vide

It's an expensive temperature controlled water bath, I have been experimenting with trying to make 67 degree eggs (google them they are the most perfect eggs) and I can't get the water down below 73 degrees (two hours makes a closeish poor cousin copy) I'm absolutely jonesing for just clotted egg right now. Ooh and a two day cooked steak, maybe two ( I mean if i'm cooking steak for two dya I should make a backup one right?) and some asparagus spears for dipping.

I'm writing this where i'm on my way to leftover cauliflower broccoli and mustard soup which yes admittedly I did a great job on but when you want a two day cooked steak it ain't gonna cut it.

Damn why are sous vide so friggin expensive? I think I'm going to try and rig a slow cooker with a thermostat? I just need to figure out how to work with electricity which is really just a hit and miss kind of thing.

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Thursday, October 22

what you should watch today

go to http://www.abc.net.au/iview

click on John Safran's Race Relations

then spend the next half hour wondering if you have a type, then the following hour wishing it was next week already.

Wednesday, October 21

I'm writing this on the bus on my new dang fangled iPhone thingy it's very disconcerting the whole touching a flat surface and having words appear instantaneously I'm never going to touch a flat surface again without expecting something to magically appear which will no doubt lead to lifetime of dissapointment.

I'm a little iPhone obsessed at the moment, I have managed to blow my entire months data allowance in just days on my old phone 200mb was impossible to reach but now I can easily reach and fly right over it thanks to Perez Hilton, Twitter and looking up dogs in funny outfits. Before this bloody contraption I was selective about what I accessed online I didn't have time before to comment on facebook status, reply to tweets or be social on the web (including neglecting writing in this blog) now I have my whole fucking hour commute to stand on my virtual soapbox which means in no time I'll be another Internet fuckwad.

In other non related news since the psychic encounter (two or three entries ago) I've decided to go and see a bunch of cheap psychics a) for kicks b) for research to see if there is any consistency between mediums (cos I is I scientist I is!) and c) cos I live in inner west Sydney and you can't swing a stray cat by it's tail without hitting a hippy psychic so it won't be inconvenient.

Saturday, October 17

I'm a cliche!

I’m at work… I the other day applied for a better job in another department… fingers crossed


I probably won’t get but I applied and it will be something to distract me from fact that I ain’t going to be studying for a long time if not ever again, oh well there is always that ukulele course I have been eyeing off at Sydney Community college if I want to be a student again.


Le Sigh.

In other non related news I got me an iphone and I’m addicted, it’s simply has ruined me for all future men… wait phones it’s simple and pretty and the internet surfing is a dream I can look at websites quickly, facebook is quicker on my phone than it is on my computer, websites are clear and crisp and don’t get me started on the applications… I may of actually started twittering… I never realised how easy it is to do. Bad me I have become a cliché  I’m an arts student dropout with a blog a facebook and twitter account and now an Iphone.


For Shame Kimberly for Shame


P.S. the perfect show to upload to an iphone for commutes is ‘Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Good Job’ actually any “Adult Swim” show is great for a commute and I don’t think I can live without my politically incorrect sketch comedy in the morning.




Monday, October 12

Good Pop Songs From my Childhood: Part One

I've been having all these flashbacks of white ish rap/ hip hop/ dance music one hit wonders from the 90's

Lucas with the lid off: I love this clip but then I love Michel Gondry

Snow: Informer; ok it's not that good but damn I used to love this song I used to know all the words too.

Thursday, October 8

STFUmarrieds: link

currently reading STFU marrieds (STFU means shut the fuck up in internets speaks)  it's a collection of bad facebook relationship updates

Tuesday, October 6

I spent $20 and all I got was this lousy blog entry

I was changing buses in Sydney’s CBD walking to where I would catch my bus home and listening to my Mp3 player and marvelling at the intricacies of “The Avalanches”  I was a ‘strolling and looking forward to getting home and ploughing into the red wine and takeaway and watching the cable t.v as I was walking a man passing by looked at me strolled past and then backtracked and tapped me on the shoulder, he gestured for me to take my earphones out which I did and then declared “You are a very happy lady! You have two men in love with you and so you are very happy because you will always have two men in love with you!”

I nodded politely (as I only know of one man in love with me and often the number one can be mixed up with the number two) and said thankyou and tried to walk past him, he then tapped me on the shoulder again and declared “I will tell you your fortune, I will tell you everything about your mother and your brother and I will tell you your name and your birth date if I guess these you will stay and if I guess these You will give me some money, and so I thought fuck it why not? If this man can guess my name and my birthday he can get some money so he asked me to write down how much I would give him and I thought I'll be generous because I like street magicians and would write down $20 and then he gave me another piece of paper and a pen and asked me to write down my name and date of birth on a piece of paper and he walked ten metres up the street and wrote what he thought my date of birth was on another piece of paper thinking now that I was about to be mugged or havee my handbag rummaged through I decided at this point to wedge it firmly between my thighs (nobody would ever get tit there) and then he returned to me and made me crush my piece of paper into a ball and chant something to the universe, then he says my name he goes "your name is Kimberly (he mispronounced it as though he has never heard of a Kimberly before) and you were born on the three of the three nineteen eighty-nine" I looked at him and said "aww so close" and then he decided to argue and kept on saying "1989" and saying that was the answer then he opens up his piece of paper he is holding and says '1989" and grabs at my hand and make me show my piece of paper and goes "no wonder! you are messy girl you write messy! you think messy why two men in love with you is mystery!"

I'm standing here it's starting to to get windy it would be 8pm at night and I am straddling my bloody handbag going "what the fuck is going on?" I'm not much of a believer in anything but It was a good show so I went into my handbag to give him the money and leave and then he goes "stop I havent' told you your fortune yet, you'll pay after I tell you everything" so umm ok, and so I stood there freezing on the side of castlereagh st (it's one of the main streets in Sydney's CBD ) whilst a bunch of bemused bystanders waiting for the bus I should've  been waiting for are watching this man read some fat chick with an afro's palms, then he makes me tear up a piece of paper hold it in my hand chant some more and then I open my hand and it's one bloody piece! the bus stop people are now gawking at a free show courtesy of me and I'm trying to catch snippets of what he's saying about money and my mother.

Things apparently in my future;

  • I will live to be in my eighties (thanks modern medicine!)
  • I will have two children (pretty generic answer there but I suppose if I'm stupid enough to get pregnant once (and decide not to sell it) Ill be stupid enough to get pregnant twice
  • The two guys in love with me thing; interesting as I barely have one guy in love with me at the moment and that is really dependant entirely on what I cook for dinner. He reveals little else except that my current beau is one of them and the other one doesn't know it (hmm yes I know)
  • I will become rich successful in my chosen field; apparently I will make people feel better about themselves (I'm thinking I will make my fortune from hiring myself out as the loud, fat, ugly friend who makes the hirer look better by comparison)
  • He actually went into detail about my financial woes and actually mentioned several times the main culprit which was a little freaky.
  • I am apparently obsessed with sex (ok this one isn't much of a secret but he whispered it to me and said "you... you like the sex alot, it's not a bad thing but be careful not alot can keep up with you)
After telling me all of this and then doing some more hand tricks and showing me some laminated cards of his psychic teacher and bits and pieces from his porta-psychic kit he told me I should read the bible every day, I asked him if he meant the 'Christian' bible and he confirmed I should read the 'Christian' Bible I asked him then if he was a Christian, he babbled on and didn't answer my question he then asked if he wanted him to pray for me, and I said something like "If you feel like it go ahead" and then he pulls out another piece of paper and starts writing

"Rich people pay" and he writes $500 on a piece of paper
"normal People pay" and he writes  $300 on the paper
"and poor people pay this" and he writes $200

I start laughing at him, I explain to him that I am beyond poor, I remind him that for the last ten minutes he has mentioned to me how poor I am and that I would not come into money in a very long time, I then tell him that because he is going to take money off me I will be even poorer, he then goes "ok so I can't pray for you then"  and then I said guess not and gave him his money well most of it as I thought I had a $20 note but I only had a $10 and I dumped a wallet full of shrapnel in his portable psychic kitthen he said "but if I pray for you it will come true and you will be forever lucky" I told him sorry and said goodbye

On the way home
  • I had to wait 20 inutes in the cold for a bus that is usually every five minutes.
  • The bus was held up for another ten minutes halfway through the route as the bus driver had to change buses with another bus driver who was late
  • I went to the local supermarket to get some dinner groceries and at the checkout the register had broken mid transaction so they made me wait there for ten minutes... just so they could give me a printed reciept 
  • one of the bottles of wine I got on the way home I dropped on the road and no it didn't break, it rolled into the gutter instead

Thursday, October 1