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Sunday, September 27

The Spank Bank: Mr Chris Isaak

Oh my frickin' Gawd there is no man alive right now sexier than Mr Chris Isaak! his voice, his hair, the way he dresses, I've been in love since I would of been ten with Chris Isaak and in all honesty I would do pretty much anything to get some pash time with him, I figure once he gets to kiss me because I'm really really good at it he won't want to leave.

I may have watched every episode of his short -lived ( extremely short lives) comedy series The Chris Isaak Show and secretly loved every minute of it, I saw him live about 5 years ago but I haven't been able to afford to go see him since, oh well he'll be back soon (he comes to Australia alot) and I'll be (knickerless and) waiting.

Go watch Wicked Game and if you don't have a man or a lady boner then you are not human.

Wednesday, September 23

Mad Me

I'm trying to catch up to Season 3 of Mad Men (currently screening in U.S.A) I love the show ever so much and and have been too busy with a the crap load of other television shows I have waitng to be viewed plus work to prevent me from watching the episodes in the way that I want to watch them... that is in my bed with my hand down my pants a pack of menthol cigarettes in reach, a bottle of cleanskin shiraz on the bedside table and a block of cheese and gluten free crackers and nobody to frickin' interrupt me! so I can watch 13 episodes in a row the way  T.V series in meant to be viewed... right?

But alas in the real world Kimberly (that's me by the way) never can get to watch t.v in the way that she likes so she has to make do with catching up on Mad Men Episodes on her Ipod, on her daily commute, it's not the best way but I do what I have to do to be entertained. But now that there are six episodes of season three stockpiled on my hard drive I decided to spend the last three days dedicated to watching (or rewatcing) every episode from seasons one and two on something larger than a postage stamp, and I did and it was brilliant. and I'm trying now to book some time for my hand/pants/shiraz/cheese/Mad Menathon for my season three episodes.

It has to be soon, it just has to be.

Friday, September 18

Jumping the gun, as usual

Of course as now that I am totally ageing I went straight to the pharmacy the day I found the grey hair and spent the last of my money on hair dye to make sure that all those grey fuckers were well and truly gone and I think they are (please for the love of Jebus be gone) the downside is I no longer have any more highlights in my hair so now my hair looks like one of those afro wigs you get in a generic pimp costume
Oh it could be worse, I don't know how but I'm sure it could be worse.

Are grey hairs a symptom of an upcoming period? because I  found the hair on Tuesday I think and now it's Friday and I'm totally bleeding... connected right?

Maybe it's payback by my stomach for having gluten, by taking it out on my melanin supply (any doctors reading this blog are so laughing at my lack of brain right now... why would a doctor be reading this crap?)

I had the day off today and bought me some second hand clothing, which made me a happy and from the 70's polyester clothes go swimmingly  with my straight from the 70's polyester looking hair, but more of that will be in the other blog.

I'm looking at the photo comparing us, there is not much difference hairwise, in fact I'm wishing my hair would do the whole ball afro thing at least my hair would look neater and also it would be much easier to dress up as a microphone

Monday, September 14

Grey skies and hairs ahead.

I was looking in the mirror this morning… as I do most mornings, dwelling on the horrible state my hair is in, it’s no longer short enough to be a cute afro but it’s nowhere near long enough to be cascading ringlets, it’s instead I have this monster of tangles and matting with the occasional blonde remnant from highlights I got last year, anyways I was marvelling at how much my hair had grown since last year using the line left by my highlights and then I saw it a highlighted hair that went all the way to my scalp,  but I haven’t’ had my hair highlighted since November last year, Jiminy cricket what is going on???? I of course panicked and pulled it out straight from the root  and saw it in it’s wiry melanin depleted glory… my first grey, ok it’s not really grey at all it’s actually a beigey colour and I’m hoping and praying that it is a blonde patch (my brother has an unexplained blonde patch)  that I never located due to a lifetime of never being able to see my own scalp a blonde patch of one lone hair but not a grey, it cannot be a grey I cannot go grey at 25 years of age, have you ever seen a hot woman with grey hair (I mean other than Bettina from Play School?) maybe but have you ever seen a hot girl with a salt and pepper afro ? no because grey and frizzy belongs to crazy cat ladies and whilst I hope to become a crazy cat lady (It’s why I moved to be closer to Enmore and have started investing heavily in a ‘vintage’ wardrobe) I was hoping to be hot for the next few years so I can entrap some sucker into knocking me up and ka’ching! child support for the next 20 years! But alas I’m going to have to move fast now before the rest of the buggers move in and I’m ruined! Oh yes there is at home hair dye which is quick and easy to use, but you have never had to dye the regrowth of an afro before and it’s not fun it requires four able bodied people to part the hair and then another two to apply the dye.





Wednesday, September 9

The Spank Bank: Part Two

Nuff said really, James Garner is a man, tanned nicely not to the leathery scrotum looking Mr Cary Grant but in a healtyish way (I'm not too fond of tanned me don't know why) anyways, have you seen Maverick (the t.v. series) You haven't well you should even if you aren't into light western comedies from the 50's Maverick rocks, and actually you should watch after James Garner Leaves and Roger Moore replaces him, Roger More isn't really Spank worthy but he is deliciously out of place.
Also The Great Escape! I mean him a Donald Pleasence (to be in a future spank bank) had the whole simmering homoerotic love thing down pat waaay before Brokeback Mountain, I mean James Garner he was the fucking rock, there was nothing he wouldn't do for him!  plus in the Great Escape he wears two clothing items that trigger a knicker change in me, a knitted turtleneck and the colour navy blue...phwoar

Monday, September 7

Back at work

Back at work after a whole week off sick! Am still sick but cannot afford to be off sick any longer


Benefits of being back at work;

a)       Tropic Thunder is playing on loop (it was probably one of the best movies I saw last year)

b)       Not at home crying and praying for a better life under my doona

c)       Got to wear a bra today and not out of boredom, I appreciate the magic powers a bra has in rejuvenating me

d)       Got to wear jeans today, (I have actually been living in this hideous lilac floral mumu for the last week)

e)       Havent’ got  my voice back and people think they are talking to a robot with static, but I don’t care, I can say robot stuff and it’s mildly amusing

f)         Got to have a mental affair on the bus with Jason Bateman and it was hawt! And teen wolf 2 themed







Saturday, September 5


I have been off sick for the whole week I have not had a cold this bad in such a very very very long time, it's quite weird waiting for a cold to go away, I'm not smoking i'm not drinkinga and I'm not eating crap but my head still is full of goo and I have no voice.

I'm also super bored, and in my immense boredom of not having anything to do (and being dosed up on cold a flu tablets and massive amounts of vitamin c) have concocted in my head that someone has died, no body specific, but I have been trawling obituraries for the last few hours and checking facebook to make sure all my friends (or at least all my friends with facebook ) are alive.

I have had unlimited access to internet over the last six days it's the only thing I have the slightest amount of energy to do but I look at it look at the same five sites I always look at and then go straight to bed, I could be making Latvian pen pals or learning Spanish or attempt to read all of Wikipedia I could be attempting to improve myself in some way and all I do is look at clothes, girls in clothes and blogs written about girls in clothes...

Please I hope I'm not becoming dumber,

Please I hope nobody is dead, thinking someone is dead is a horrible feeling

Wednesday, September 2


I haven't left home for the last three days, when I cough I double over in pain, my head hurts, I have no voice and I'm bored beyond belief.

To shake things up today I decided to put on a bra.