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Friday, September 18

Jumping the gun, as usual

Of course as now that I am totally ageing I went straight to the pharmacy the day I found the grey hair and spent the last of my money on hair dye to make sure that all those grey fuckers were well and truly gone and I think they are (please for the love of Jebus be gone) the downside is I no longer have any more highlights in my hair so now my hair looks like one of those afro wigs you get in a generic pimp costume
Oh it could be worse, I don't know how but I'm sure it could be worse.

Are grey hairs a symptom of an upcoming period? because I  found the hair on Tuesday I think and now it's Friday and I'm totally bleeding... connected right?

Maybe it's payback by my stomach for having gluten, by taking it out on my melanin supply (any doctors reading this blog are so laughing at my lack of brain right now... why would a doctor be reading this crap?)

I had the day off today and bought me some second hand clothing, which made me a happy and from the 70's polyester clothes go swimmingly  with my straight from the 70's polyester looking hair, but more of that will be in the other blog.

I'm looking at the photo comparing us, there is not much difference hairwise, in fact I'm wishing my hair would do the whole ball afro thing at least my hair would look neater and also it would be much easier to dress up as a microphone

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