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Wednesday, September 23

Mad Me

I'm trying to catch up to Season 3 of Mad Men (currently screening in U.S.A) I love the show ever so much and and have been too busy with a the crap load of other television shows I have waitng to be viewed plus work to prevent me from watching the episodes in the way that I want to watch them... that is in my bed with my hand down my pants a pack of menthol cigarettes in reach, a bottle of cleanskin shiraz on the bedside table and a block of cheese and gluten free crackers and nobody to frickin' interrupt me! so I can watch 13 episodes in a row the way  T.V series in meant to be viewed... right?

But alas in the real world Kimberly (that's me by the way) never can get to watch t.v in the way that she likes so she has to make do with catching up on Mad Men Episodes on her Ipod, on her daily commute, it's not the best way but I do what I have to do to be entertained. But now that there are six episodes of season three stockpiled on my hard drive I decided to spend the last three days dedicated to watching (or rewatcing) every episode from seasons one and two on something larger than a postage stamp, and I did and it was brilliant. and I'm trying now to book some time for my hand/pants/shiraz/cheese/Mad Menathon for my season three episodes.

It has to be soon, it just has to be.

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