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Monday, September 14

Grey skies and hairs ahead.

I was looking in the mirror this morning… as I do most mornings, dwelling on the horrible state my hair is in, it’s no longer short enough to be a cute afro but it’s nowhere near long enough to be cascading ringlets, it’s instead I have this monster of tangles and matting with the occasional blonde remnant from highlights I got last year, anyways I was marvelling at how much my hair had grown since last year using the line left by my highlights and then I saw it a highlighted hair that went all the way to my scalp,  but I haven’t’ had my hair highlighted since November last year, Jiminy cricket what is going on???? I of course panicked and pulled it out straight from the root  and saw it in it’s wiry melanin depleted glory… my first grey, ok it’s not really grey at all it’s actually a beigey colour and I’m hoping and praying that it is a blonde patch (my brother has an unexplained blonde patch)  that I never located due to a lifetime of never being able to see my own scalp a blonde patch of one lone hair but not a grey, it cannot be a grey I cannot go grey at 25 years of age, have you ever seen a hot woman with grey hair (I mean other than Bettina from Play School?) maybe but have you ever seen a hot girl with a salt and pepper afro ? no because grey and frizzy belongs to crazy cat ladies and whilst I hope to become a crazy cat lady (It’s why I moved to be closer to Enmore and have started investing heavily in a ‘vintage’ wardrobe) I was hoping to be hot for the next few years so I can entrap some sucker into knocking me up and ka’ching! child support for the next 20 years! But alas I’m going to have to move fast now before the rest of the buggers move in and I’m ruined! Oh yes there is at home hair dye which is quick and easy to use, but you have never had to dye the regrowth of an afro before and it’s not fun it requires four able bodied people to part the hair and then another two to apply the dye.





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