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Monday, September 7

Back at work

Back at work after a whole week off sick! Am still sick but cannot afford to be off sick any longer


Benefits of being back at work;

a)       Tropic Thunder is playing on loop (it was probably one of the best movies I saw last year)

b)       Not at home crying and praying for a better life under my doona

c)       Got to wear a bra today and not out of boredom, I appreciate the magic powers a bra has in rejuvenating me

d)       Got to wear jeans today, (I have actually been living in this hideous lilac floral mumu for the last week)

e)       Havent’ got  my voice back and people think they are talking to a robot with static, but I don’t care, I can say robot stuff and it’s mildly amusing

f)         Got to have a mental affair on the bus with Jason Bateman and it was hawt! And teen wolf 2 themed







1 comment:

Deborah-lee said...

If anyone knew the number of mental affairs I've had... I'd be classed as the town psych!