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Thursday, June 15

My head is filling slowly with viscous liquid that borders on gelatinous and my throat is painful and threatens to swell itself shut any moment, I am stuck at home and have nothing to do, the combination of the speedy cold and flu medication and the tranqulizer effect of the cough syrup have me dancing precariously on awake and asleep.

I'm pissed off because I can't even swallow soup, and I like soup.

Monday, June 12

I have learnt over recent weeks that men are stupid!

Ok it's not that men are stupid it just seems to be that the men that I associate with are stupid beyond belief.

Ok I wouldn't say that the men that I associate with are stupid but stupid will be the blanket phrase I would use to describe their ignorance, their ineptitude and their ability to turn me into a bumbling stupid person.

Do you know that before I ever dealt with men I was considered an intelligent individual with a lot of potential, however now I am Kimberly: She Could of been great if she wasn't so tragically obsessed with creatures with chest hair and penises.

On better news one of my Gal pals from High School ' has announced her engagement, I am so happy for her but I honestly just go wow how does someone meet someone they want to spend forever with, when I can't meet anyone I want to spend more than a few hours with?

It's just me whingeing, goodnes I like to complain

Thursday, June 8

I can say my life has changed completley in the time I last wrote an entry, I'm now doing my B.A. in Visual Communicaions, I have a new job which I must say I'm loving to bits, and I haven't got certain people bothering me as much anymore.

For the first time in a long time I think things are getting better,

See Guy I told you I would update.

Please bug me if I don't update I do have things to say, it's just i'm being lazy now and really only come online for porn and knitting patterns, please help me I know you want me to update