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Wednesday, November 30

I feel more and more inept everyday, I was thinking it was some sort of depression associated with the end of the year and of school and the like but it's not a depression it's genuine ineptitude, I feel like I'm getting stupider (?) and more useless.

Am developing far too much of a fondness for red wine... it's just soooo nice

I need a change, a new job, a new plan, a new hairstyle, I wonder how I'd go as a blonde?

I don't need it... really.

I just want to be useful again.

Maybe I'm not feeling inept, just unwanted.

Sunday, November 20

Is this is what being human feels like?

I met "one night stand boy" again after work last night and got blind drunk and took him home.
We stayed up late watching dvd's and having sex, this whole entire day was spent sleeping, having sex and watching dvd's naked, and I had fun, and I felt human...ish it was relaxing and did I mention fun.

However now I will be up all night doing assignments I should of completed today.

Oh the sacrifices I make for sex.

But fuck it was worth it!

Wednesday, November 9

Well theres the...

Stupid one night stand i had on Saturday night, it was fun, he was fun, it was good, he was good, I was good he was incredibly stupid.
Sunday was work I was stupid and tired and employers took advantage.
Monday was exam I was oh so tired and feeling much worse for wear.
Monday Night I went to a secret Dandy Warhols concert at "The Annandale Hotel"
Tuesday I couldn't wake up my heat ached my body ached, my throat was swollen
Wednesday (Today) I wake up I still can'tswallow I have tonsilitis

I want to die

I'd try to sleep but everytime I close my eyes I get an image of a young man dancing around the room wearing nothing but a used condom and singing "Eye of the tiger" this seems to the type of man I seem to attract.

It could be worse he could of been short.

Monday, November 7

The dandy warhols

The dandy warhols
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Am at the secret Dandy Warhols at the Annandale Hotel it's rocking the casbah