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Wednesday, September 1

where am I ?




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Monday, April 12

life in point form.

- finally have decided on a second tattoo, that will be discreet (a.k.a only to be seen by lovers), sentimental, unique, and will make me seem much more romantic than I really am.

- have converted my friends into watching Maude episodes with me

- I got a whole bunch of slightly water damaged Western DVD's back from an unnamed international shipping company... my weekend is sorted.

- I'm sorting out my home and putting shit in shelves. It's look good.

- still sick, has gotten to the point where work has made me take a week off next week, where I will be poked and prodded more but without the cushion of medicare bulk billing, hopefully they will tell me that all the fuckery is cancer so I can just get microwaved for free already.

- yeah I'm the type of person who thinks cancer is lucky.

- selling all my life on eBay, I need the money and the space.

- everyone's birthday is this month or next so am looking for presents, one is almost sorted, the next will be soon, I hate being a fairweather friend

- I keep on dreaming about making duck confit, I think I might go and buy some duck fat (in a few years when I can afford it)

Monday, March 1

the last few months in point form

I turn 26 on on Wednesday.

Life is ok, new job is good i need to make sure I keep new secondment job,

Highlights of my life include sleep and watching illegally downloaded sketch shows from the early 90's

I'm having recurring dreams about people I have rooted from my past providing running commentary of my dreas and my sleeping habits.

I am trying my darndest to kick gluten

Flatmate moved out so am frickin broke beyond belief but I have space so much spce

As frickin broke will not be buying myself gift for my birthday ... aww

Oh shit I forgot to mail Christmas presents! um

I still dream about the day where I will buy my own kitchen aid with money I have saved and not used to pay for some other grown up person responsibility (water rates/ hot water tank/ electricity/ tetanus shots)

I still dream about going on a holiday where all I do is sleep and sleep and sleep

I have a twitter and it's updated much more frequently  https://twitter.com/why_kiki_why

I'm updating the other blog more often too it's much easier to write about clothes than the goings on of my vj

I'm going to bed... I'll soon officially be in my late twenties...sigh