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Thursday, March 31

Bits and Pieces

Tuesday I went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show with my dear friend Richie, it was lovely, I purchased showbags and beetroot and macadamia nut pesto (fuck it's lovely) and I looked at lovely knitted things wishing that I had the discipline to knit myself a toy poodle.

I must though in retrospect mention a few things.
1) I am a shop-a-holic if I have money I will purchase it
2) I am a person who feels compelled to eat every greasy morsel on her plate even if every bite feels like daggers down my throat.
3) I am horrible with exposed heights, but despite the fact that I know this I will always ride a ferris wheel and sob quietly to myself praying for a miracle.

Winter is approaching fast and today I purchased myself a doona/duvet/quilt and judging from the crappiness of the heating of my flat, it's going to be a cold winter and will require ten more quilts/doona/duvet thingies. One question why can't we have a universal english term for a bit of fabric that keeps you warm?

Ok I know a blanket, a quilt and a doona/duvet are completely different things but bah! I like to complain sometimes about insignificant things in order to feel better about myself.

You know like men with small penises do

Well that's what I assume men with small penises do.

Well why don't you tell me.

Ok just kidding Mr. Prime Minister everybody knows you are hung like a horse.

Monday, March 28

Have you ever?

Have you ever done something not like you, enjoyed it and have been left to wonder, should I regret it or not?

No? neither have I

Sunday, March 27

My new eyebrows.

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Seeing as I dedicated pretty much a whole entry to my new just shaped eyebrows I thought I better post a picture of what they look like, don't you love them I look completely different.

Ok they aren't indicative of my current eyebrows, it's just last monday at school we learnt how to conceal eyebrows and all about various eyebrow shapes, and this is what my make-up partner for the day Illona did to me... the bitch grrr. Thank god for spirit gum remover.

As for my new eyebrows, they look like my former eyebrows only nicer.

Friday, March 25

My Friday was good, was yours?

Today I got to catch up with a friend of mine Steven, and we went to the movies and saw 'Robots' which in my opinion sucks but I pretended to enjoy, followed by rambling around 'Paddys markets' to get supplies, as my friend Steven (who also happens to be a chef) was going to unbeknownst to him was going to cook me a meal from this giant swag of seafood that my mother had won in raffle yesterday. Luckily he didn't complain and I got a lovely meal of oysters, parawns, balmain bugs and crab that was to die for... Whoever thought of this fish thing was a genius, and who knew chefs can cook in home kitchens?

I'm still sick with cold but have been ODing on the garlic, chilli and the ginger, I smell deliciously odd, but who cares, I'm not going to visit the queen.

My Good Friday was very Good indeed, I like eating lots of fish alot. I really have to work on my grammar and all round eloquence.

Thursday, March 24

Head congested, Brain dead

Still have the flu.

Today got my eyebrows shaped, a girlfriend of mine went to this 'totally famous place' to get her eyebrows done, minimum price $50 dollars, and to be honest, I thought they went a little too thin, luckily I don't tell her that, I however found a girl barely out of puberty just up the road from me who shaped my eyebrows quite nicely for $10 actually I think my new eyebrows look quite fabulous, plus they fact they were only ten dollars makes them even more fabulous in my book.

I love bargains.

Took day off school will have day off tommorrow, stupid Jesus dying, I want to do something!

Have been drinking shandies made with low carbohydrate beer and sugar-free lemonade, despite lack of fun filled carbs and sugar, shandies are surprisingly good. My diet obsessive mother is onto something... or fact that bloodstream is full of so many cold & flu medicines that any alcohol tastes good.

Am watching 'Starship Troopers' for the umpteenth time, who said I didn't have a life?

I need a hero!

Wednesday, March 23

I have a cold

The title is pretty much self explanitory.

I have spent all my money on cold and flu remedies and comfort food (comfort food today is macadamia nuts) so now am poor.

I got to see my dear friend Richie yesterday we went and saw 'Million dollar Baby' I have never cried so much in a cinema in my entire life, I was really moved and that takes alot considering how fat I am.

Yeah I'm 'Miss Self Esteem' aren't I?

Don't tell mother but I have lost my 'Christian Dior' Sunglasses that mother gave to me as a gift (her idea of a gift is something she likes but gives to you so she can 'borrow' said gift) so I need to know where I can get cheap/good knockoffs of sunglasses because my mother is a nazi.

Yes the nazi party is now allowing fijian women into the party.

I hope I get better soon I actually hate missing out on school.

Sunday, March 20

What can I say?

I am watching 'The Royal Tennenbaums' on television despite the fact that I already posess it on D.V.D. and have watched it several times. I wonder what on earth happened to me in my life that made me so decidedly bizarre compared to everyone else.

I like to think it all because I'm just so damn beautiful.


Wednesday, March 16

A sample of my work.

Originally uploaded by kimberly.lives.

Today we did skull makeup school as part of the topic theatrical makeup, and I got a gorgeous girl in my class 'Rachel' to model for me (ok we actually just pair up and take turns doing each others make-up) anyway today was the first day I actualy remembered to bring in my digital camera so here you have a sample of my cosmetic work... I'm available for weddings.

P.S. my new school rocks

P.P.S My shading sucks and I made the teeth too yellow because I couldn't be arsed mixing a lighter colour

P.P.P.S.Ok my shading doesn't really suck it's theatre makeup and it's meant to be seen at a distance under bright lights.

Tuesday, March 15

I'm Back and Better than ever

Ok so I haven't posted for ages because a) was lacking in an actual internet connection and b) I had a life, I had things to do, I was consumed with learning, working and I even had an actual date.

My new school is amazing I'm enjoying it so much, I'm learning every day and everyone in my class is just adorable, it makes me feel all happy and stuff just talking about it I love my school ever so much. In the three weeks i have done so much and even got given free tickets for the theatre by the schools principal. (it was 'the chairs' currently at the belvoir st. theatre in Sydney)

Oh a big thankyou to Bella-boo, Ramona and 'The Sage Tithonus' for helping to entertain me on my 21st and distracted me enough not to get depressed because I'm alone and fat and have frizzy hair

Will write more later, I have my internet back on I need to do alot of catching up.

Thursday, March 3

The Last Photo taken.

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This is the last ever photo taken of me before I turn 21 which is in fact now.

I'm now officially an adult I'll take a photo of my mature self later on.

Wednesday, March 2

Preliminary birthday dinner

Preliminary birthday dinner

Am at Pasha's in Newtown it's one of my favourite restaurants in Sydney, so I guilted Mother into buying me dinner all three courses! She is currently having a smoke while i'm waiting for my coffee and baklava. Mmm baklava

the last day of the twentieth year

the last day of the twentieth year

Today on the last day of the twentieth year of my life i'm reading "the five people you meet in heaven by pokie light, aint my life grand.