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Thursday, March 31

Bits and Pieces

Tuesday I went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show with my dear friend Richie, it was lovely, I purchased showbags and beetroot and macadamia nut pesto (fuck it's lovely) and I looked at lovely knitted things wishing that I had the discipline to knit myself a toy poodle.

I must though in retrospect mention a few things.
1) I am a shop-a-holic if I have money I will purchase it
2) I am a person who feels compelled to eat every greasy morsel on her plate even if every bite feels like daggers down my throat.
3) I am horrible with exposed heights, but despite the fact that I know this I will always ride a ferris wheel and sob quietly to myself praying for a miracle.

Winter is approaching fast and today I purchased myself a doona/duvet/quilt and judging from the crappiness of the heating of my flat, it's going to be a cold winter and will require ten more quilts/doona/duvet thingies. One question why can't we have a universal english term for a bit of fabric that keeps you warm?

Ok I know a blanket, a quilt and a doona/duvet are completely different things but bah! I like to complain sometimes about insignificant things in order to feel better about myself.

You know like men with small penises do

Well that's what I assume men with small penises do.

Well why don't you tell me.

Ok just kidding Mr. Prime Minister everybody knows you are hung like a horse.

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