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Thursday, March 24

Head congested, Brain dead

Still have the flu.

Today got my eyebrows shaped, a girlfriend of mine went to this 'totally famous place' to get her eyebrows done, minimum price $50 dollars, and to be honest, I thought they went a little too thin, luckily I don't tell her that, I however found a girl barely out of puberty just up the road from me who shaped my eyebrows quite nicely for $10 actually I think my new eyebrows look quite fabulous, plus they fact they were only ten dollars makes them even more fabulous in my book.

I love bargains.

Took day off school will have day off tommorrow, stupid Jesus dying, I want to do something!

Have been drinking shandies made with low carbohydrate beer and sugar-free lemonade, despite lack of fun filled carbs and sugar, shandies are surprisingly good. My diet obsessive mother is onto something... or fact that bloodstream is full of so many cold & flu medicines that any alcohol tastes good.

Am watching 'Starship Troopers' for the umpteenth time, who said I didn't have a life?

I need a hero!

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Ramona said...

Oh I so need to get my done. But not for $50 dollars. :D