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Friday, February 25

This is how sick and twisted I am.

I was reading an article this morning that was mentioning the word 'Premium' quite alot except my sick and perverted mind twisted into the word 'Perineum' so in the space of four paragraphs I was seeing nothing but perineums and more perineums, I really need a life.

oh and a premium perineum

Thursday, February 24

Life so far.

Oh my God!, my fucking new school is amazing, the students and the teachers make me scream and go 'WOW' I don't know why but, I know I won't probably ever end up as an 'extrodinaire make-up artiste' but I'm going to enjoy this ride, it feels right, and that's something I very rarely say about anything or anyone... but yeah, it feels right.

Did I mention that from now on I will be a poor motherfucker? ok I won't be fucking any mothers, unless lonely mothers are willing to pay generously for my services.

I am happy though, I am broke but I am happy, and I can't wait to post lots of photos of my make-up and waffle about the benefits of a powder eyeshadow over a creme based one.

P.S. throughout the year I will be requiring lots of people (male and female) as models for various assignments and practise on, I don't care what you look like as long as you live in Sydney or can get here easily have a face and can sit still for half and hour, please comment or email me.

P.P.S tell your friends too I need lots of practise.

Sunday, February 20


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Well tommorrow, is offficially my first day of school, just looking at me you can see how excited I am, ok I'm petrified, I have just washed my hair, and bored so thought I would take photos with my digital camera, god I'm so pathetic.

Thursday, February 17

Bye Shelley!

Bye Shelley!

See that blur in the distance that's my pal shelley and her posse walking as far away from me as they can. Shelley and her boy are off to Bali for ten days of sun surf and indigestion. Shelley if you are reading this have a safe trip babe!

Monday, February 14

It's Valentines day

Kimberly: Oh it's midnight, it's now officially Valentines Day!
Brain: So what does that matter to you you are alone
Kimberly: Oh yeah i forgot, well I can still enjoy the day, right?
Brain: not really remember you hate people and you particularly hate people who publicly display affection therefore this day is going to be the worst day of your life.
Kimberly: surely not the worst day, I mean the 'Dead Dad Day' was pretty bad
Brain: Yeah, but people werent running about with overpriced flowers and chocolates in a vain attempt to disguise the fact that their relationships are just long drawn out sexual interludes.
Kimberly: You weren't at my Fathers funeral.
Brain: no I haven't been around much lately, I do apologise but sunning myself in Bermuda was a much more tempting option than hanging out with you.
Kimberly: But I thought you liked my company?
Brain: I do, I honestly do, but only when you do exactly what I say.
Kimberly: But I always do exactly what you say, don't I?
Brain: Honey I never told you to buy those Homer Simpsons statuettes, all sixteen dollars worth of them.
Kimberly: What? I swear you did, I mean... but... why didn't you say anything?
Brain: Um... remember that voice that was going 'you fucking idiot you can't afford to spend $16 on yellow plastic'
Kimberly: Yeah but I thought that was my conscience
Brain: What do you think your conscience is? for fucks sake are you an idiot.
Kimberly: I don't know you tell me... Hey weren't we talking about Valentines Day
Brain: oh yeah but it has no relevance for you, I mean after all you are alone
Kimberly: No I'm not, I have you for company.
Brain: Yeah, you do, for a few days at least
Kimberly: why only a few days?
Brain: i've decided to go on a Contiki tour of Europe next week
Kimberly: what? why? what?
Brain: I need to get out and see the world and hang out with the 18-35 set
Kimberly: but... but I'm the 18-35 set
Brain: yeah but y'know they seem you know cooler, and they like to do y'know stuff
Kimberly: ok fair enough, but please can you send me a postcard?
Brain: I'll try but you know I'll be pretty busy with the touring and the drinking and the stuff
Kimberly: Don't worry then.

Wednesday, February 9

Lack of furniture? knitting may be the solution

Lookie here

Now I just have to find a pattern for a six foot tall bookshelf, I'm drowning in books here.

And now for something completely different.

It's on right now on channel ten , I love 'Monty Python' in fact I love it so much, if one of my friends disliked it or any british comedy I would in fact dump their sorry arses,

It it horribly hot at the moment, I hate the heat it makes me want to smoke, I don't like to smoke it makes me smell funny and makes my throat all owwy, ok I love to smoke it makes me look cool and it pushes me closer to death, but it costs alot of money to maintain an addiction.

Doctor says I have to listen to him and actually take his advice, and not drink beer or eat wheat as it is turning me into a human bag pipe (as in I emit alot of incredibly annoying sounding wind) so am on diet of death where flavour and fun has been removed. Doctors suck and not in the endearing blow job kind of way.

Did I mention that my mother can be a total cunt of a bitch sometimes... it's a personal issue but I think she is going to drive me over the edge... as I can't drive myself over the edge as I don't have my licence.


Was just browsing through some family photos and noticed how much my brother and I have changed

exhibit a)

That's me and Deryn in 1992 when we both attended Tea Gardens Public School, I actually remember the day quite vividly as my brother was crying wildly because he didn't want his photo taken you can actually see his teary eyes and the wet patches on his shirt where he wiped his face on it, I remember crying too, but I cried so much in primary school, I used to cry so much that one of my teachers used to call me 'Warragambah' after the huge dam in Sydney.

Exhibit b)
This was taken at Deryn's Graduation formal in November 2003m, god I got fat and pale, it was a fun night though, and my brother looked oh so grown up in his suit, makes me wanna cry.

Monday, February 7

Today on the bus ride home from work.

Today on the bus ride home from work.

I am such a bad-ass rebel!

Friday, February 4

The wheels on the bus go round and round

The wheels on the bus go round and round

And the commuters on the bus get squashed and squashed, fearing for their life.
Am on the bus on my way home from work and this bus is packed to it's government issued rafters, why can't somebody offer me a seat? Stupid pregnant and elderly.

Wednesday, February 2

Nothing on T.V.

There is nothing on television here in Australia tonight so I am watching the final episode of 'Outback Jack'

Urge to kill rising.