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Thursday, February 24

Life so far.

Oh my God!, my fucking new school is amazing, the students and the teachers make me scream and go 'WOW' I don't know why but, I know I won't probably ever end up as an 'extrodinaire make-up artiste' but I'm going to enjoy this ride, it feels right, and that's something I very rarely say about anything or anyone... but yeah, it feels right.

Did I mention that from now on I will be a poor motherfucker? ok I won't be fucking any mothers, unless lonely mothers are willing to pay generously for my services.

I am happy though, I am broke but I am happy, and I can't wait to post lots of photos of my make-up and waffle about the benefits of a powder eyeshadow over a creme based one.

P.S. throughout the year I will be requiring lots of people (male and female) as models for various assignments and practise on, I don't care what you look like as long as you live in Sydney or can get here easily have a face and can sit still for half and hour, please comment or email me.

P.P.S tell your friends too I need lots of practise.

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Ramona said...

I dont really play around with make up much but yo I'll do it. I have a friend or two that might be interested too if that helps.