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Wednesday, February 9

And now for something completely different.

It's on right now on channel ten , I love 'Monty Python' in fact I love it so much, if one of my friends disliked it or any british comedy I would in fact dump their sorry arses,

It it horribly hot at the moment, I hate the heat it makes me want to smoke, I don't like to smoke it makes me smell funny and makes my throat all owwy, ok I love to smoke it makes me look cool and it pushes me closer to death, but it costs alot of money to maintain an addiction.

Doctor says I have to listen to him and actually take his advice, and not drink beer or eat wheat as it is turning me into a human bag pipe (as in I emit alot of incredibly annoying sounding wind) so am on diet of death where flavour and fun has been removed. Doctors suck and not in the endearing blow job kind of way.

Did I mention that my mother can be a total cunt of a bitch sometimes... it's a personal issue but I think she is going to drive me over the edge... as I can't drive myself over the edge as I don't have my licence.

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