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Friday, April 14

"what's cookin?"

My Brother has been up in Sydney for the last few days, and we went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show we rode and we ate and we spent out money in a glorious fashion, everything was great plus the fact that 'The Rolling stones' were performing at the stadium next door so we had an ok soundtrack in the background, anyway as our evening at the Show was drawing to a close my brother Deryn and I decided to get a caricature of us to give to our mother, there was apprehension as my brother and I are very self concious people and are scared about what people think about us physically we are very imposing people physically. anyway the results were great but I think the caricature artist has made the assumtion that my brother and I were in fact boyfriend and girlfriend, what do you think?

"Where the fuck are you?"

you have seen the original campaign

some peopleI know did a parody

go have a look and see what Australia is really like.

Friday, April 7

I am a student again

I am a student again.

for how long I don't know, i'm just testing the waters

I've been testing the waters forever now, and my fingers and toes are all pruney.

gah stupid indecisiveness.