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Sunday, January 28

Went to the Big Day Out the other day and I had a blast.

I stayed in on Australia Day and I had a blast.

I pretended I lost my voice today so I could sleep in and have poached eggs instead of going to work and doing nothing, and guess what? I had a blast.

I have to go to market research work tomorrow but only for three hours so tommorrow I'll have a blast.

This week has been really good.

It's toothpaste that helps get rid of hickeys? right?

or is it hickies?

Thursday, January 18

2007 is going swimmingly,

or swimmingly...ish

I have however made resolutions.

I will submit everything I have due on time.

I will keep my flat somewhat organised.

I will go to the gym more often, and not only when I know "pimp my ride" is on

I will do my best not to chemically alter my hair and grow it out this year

I will finish the rug I have been working on for the last to years.

I will blog more.

I will try not squeak so much in conversation

I will go out and have cocktails with Boo, much more often

I will not buy unecessary books/clothing/dvd's/ off ebay

I will not stay up late watching late night quiz shows

There is too much wrong with me