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Thursday, September 21

Life: it's not so bad... really

I am good, I just got my transcript for school and it was all distinctions.

My new Market Research Job is fun and I enjoy going to work.

I got a new haircut, my hair is black with red streaks. I like it... Well I think I like it.

It's all good, I feel pretty damn good...

Well except for the hayfever, half of my head is congested and the other half is completely clear... yes really! one nostril is blocked, one ear is painful, on eye is teary, it's freaky! I can't even get sick properly, I have to get half-arsed hayfever.

I have to write more, but I have nothing to complain aboute except the usual I'm too fat, too poor, too tired, too dumb, you know the typical annoying complaints that nobody likes to hear.

Now I just need a husband, a three bedroom house in the Lower North Shore (with harbour views of course) A silver Range Rover (with leather seats) and a pug dog I can carry in my oversized Louis Vuitton bag.

Is that too much to ask