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Wednesday, August 29

Why me?

I am too busy to write, too tired to write there is far too much boring stuff I am swamped with there are some "more interesting" things I am swamped with but they really don't concern you dear my anonymous reader.

I am poor beyond belief and I think they have cut off my mobile phone, I forgot about the whole paying bills every month thing, so if I don't respond to Sms' my apologies but I am poor and will be for a while yet.

Will keep you posted on my poverty, well I'll try to but if my net gets cut off too it may be a little tricky.

Curse my desire to purchase random pieces of crap, to fill the void where my heart should be.

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Sunday, August 19

I love...

I am so in love with my future Prime Minister right now.

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Tuesday, August 14

I need your help!

Deryn (that's my brother folks) and I have been in talks and we have decided that we have to go to the good ol U.S of A to attend this

I may or may not be able to go but I'm going to die to make sure my little brother gets there, no ifs or buts about it.

That's where I need help because I don't really want to die just yet, can you guys lend me some money or if you have a house in Las Vegas that would be really nice if you could lend it to my brother, he's tall and he's a chef, and did I mention he's tall?

It's a week off uni and a lot of money but I can't see any other reason why I can't go and do this, I mean Iggy and the Stooges and Rage Against the Machine, and Public Enemy! I am ever so wetting myself right now.

Now I wonder if airlines let you pay off fares by washing dishes?

Does anyone want to come with me? apart from always borrowing money of you, I'm a whole heap of fun!

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Tuesday, August 7

Splendour in the Grass: In Summary

It freakin rocked the proverbial casbah!

My period started on the first day

Then at the gates I realised I had forgotten my i.d.

But I batted my eyelids and managed to get in.

I barely slept all weekend, and when I did I didn't do it well, thank goodness for drugs and organic dark chocolate filled doughnuts.

I consumed more doughnuts than drugs I must say.

I consumed more doughnuts than oxygen at splendour.

I consumed more soup than doughnuts at splendour.

Oh apparently there was some music too.

I spent an awful lot of time drinking goon in the carpark with my brother and his friends.

I also spent an awful lot of time in the carpark looking after my brother after he passed out after consuming too much goon in the carpark.

I spent an awful lot of money

I spent around twenty hours in a rental van.

I spent several hours boiling water for coffee every morning only to find out when leaving the camp-site that there was a public urn on the camp-site that was free to use.

I purchased an awful lot of plastic jewellery.

I spent an awful lot of time bulldozing through crowds either to get closer to the stage or further away from it.

I spent ten minutes today trying to remove my admission bracelet.

Operator Please, Old Man River,Tilly and the Wall, The Herd, The Cat Empire, Sarah Blasko, Hot Chip, Cut Copy DJ's, Holly Throsby, Josh Pike, Hot Chip DJ's, Hoodoo Gurus, Dirty Three, The Shins and The Artic Monkeys are who I got to see.

I will so be back next year. It took me several hours sitting at my computer to get the tickets but I'm so glad I did.

Friday, August 3

My Splendour Bender: Part One

Tomorrow I leave for "Splendour in The Grass" (from now on will be referred to as "Splendour")


We have to leave early to pick up the van we have hired for the weekend, Mum is driving me and Boo to My Brother Deryn and he takes us the rest of the way.

I plan on being well and truly out of it this weekend, and because the caravan park has wireless access I may even be able to keep you posted about how wasted I am.

Ok, probably not.

I'm trying to sleep now but I can't because I keep on thinking I want another cup of hot chocolate, the hot chocolate has ruined me, for several months I had been good and not eating the bad foods that make me all bloaty but yesterday after my hot chocolate I felt like a biscuit so I had one, which led to two more biscuits, which led to me eating a toasted cheese sandwich and I plan on eating more wheat, right now I'm thinking about something with a flaky buttery pastry shell accompanied by a big mug of hot chocolate.

Ooh! they have a spiced version.

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Thursday, August 2

The way to a girls heart.

The best way to win a girl over is to wine her, to dine her and to pretend to be interested in her conversation.

However the best way to win me over is with personalised number plates, candy cigarettes and thishot chocolate mix

I had a cup of it with Deryn and it was almost the consistency of ganache, neither of us could finish our cups.

I am ruined right now

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