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Thursday, September 27

Lessons in Jam Making.

When multiplying a recipe you should use mathematics not your eyes.

If you don't have the appropriate equipment to make jam don't wing it with empty soft drink bottles.

Pectin is your friend, and if you are making a non citrus based jam you should always extra on hand.

Anyways I have now three huge jars of strawberry syrup instead of jam, I might have a fiddle around with them to see if I can thicken them further but the syrup at least is mighty fine syrup, and makes a really nice cordial with some lime and soda water and perhaps could add it to my cider making experiment at the moment (did I tell you guys I'm into making booze out of juice at the moment?)

I also missed out on Rage Against the Machine tickets... they sold out in minutes this morning, I only blame my brother...

well at least there are scalpers and they wouldn't rip me off now would they?

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Monday, September 24

What should I do?

because they were on special I just bought me five kilograms of strawberries, I plan on spending my Thursday making a hell of alot of preserves, so please don't be surprised if you get something strawberry like for Christmas.

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Saturday, September 22

Since I've been gone

I wish I could regale you all with my patented wacky adventures but alas, since I last posted nothing much has happened to me well nothing of note that I can remember, OK a few things of note have happened but nothing that involved me throwing up on people or pashing strangers (well not that I can remember) so I can't really really provide you the interesting material that you come to know and love here on 'Kimberly-Lives'

I made a new friend, she rocks, I went to a protest, I went to a couple of festival thingies, I handed in assignments I got one assignment completely wrong and I have to re-do it, and I'm at another Kimberly crossroads in my life and I don't know what to do.

I'm still absolutely poor, luckily everything I have been doing of late has been free, or cheap or paid for by other people. Oh well I have picked up extra shifts these holidays so hopefully I can be back in the black.

Gah! what I do need is alcohol

Free Alcohol.

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Friday, September 14

Wednesday, September 5

Aint APEC grand?

The following has been circulating around Sydney (friend emailed to me), I have a few more of them but they aren't nearly as interesting, all this hullabaloo for some old birds.

Spouses of APEC Economic Leaders to dine at Icebergs Dining Room and Bar.
Sunday 9 September - Special Traffic arrangements from 7am to 4pm:
- The Bondi Cliff Walk will remain open.
- Residents of Notts Avenue can still walk or drive to and from their homes, however, vehicle access will not be possible for short periods of time between 7am and 4pm.
- Special Event Clearways will be established on both sides of the following roads:
� Campbell Parade, between Francis Street & Lamrock Avenue
� Notts Avenue, between Campbell Parade & Hunter Park
� Syd Enfield Drive, between York Road & Old South Head Road
- Members of Bondi Icebergs Club can access their pool as normal, but the pool will not be open to the public until 4pm.
- Bondi Icebergs Club to be closed until 4pm on Sunday 9 September
- If you are having guests to your home to watch the Festival of the Winds, please let them know in advance that they will not be able to park at your home and to consider public transport. You will need to escort your guests to your home and vouch for your guest. Residents will be asked to provide identification.

I think I'm going to attend the protest, I'm not really "Anti-Bush" (I'm not for him but I wish all these bloody protesters would focus on the other things that we need to be protesting for like the Kyoto Protocol and the whatnot and not on a "We hate George. W, we think he should not be allowed in our country" tirade) but I am pro-big crowds and and pro watching dreadlocked angry socialist hippies being sprayed by high powered water cannons.

I am so going to lefty hell for thinking that, I am a lefty I swear I just am not very far left, it smells over there.

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Tuesday, September 4

I don't like to complain... but

OK I love to complain, it gives me something to do, and right now I have a few things to complain about, OK it's just one thing.

I am now officially the poorest I have ever been since I can't remember when, I have eaten through my meagre savings my bills keep on getting bigger and bigger.

In order to save money, I am not leaving my house for anything other than work or university... oh and parties I have already R.S.V.P'd to

The worst thing about all this is that Threadless.com is having a ten dollar sale until tommorrow and I have no money on my credit card.

Woe is me! a new t-shirt would cure all that ails me.

P.S. Deryn! I'm usually a L-XL in the guys shirts, you could get me a girls XL but I usually find them too short and boob distorty

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Monday, September 3

Days like today

Yesterday was (dead) Fathers Day... which sucks because my father is dead and everyone else's father seems to be live and kicking and giving them money.

But as of a few minutes ago it is Deryn's (he's my brother) birthday, and that rocks because his birthday is also my half birthday, so right now I'm officially 23 and a half! in six months time I will be 24 and officially stuck in the mid twenties, which sucks but I will also be a (in my opinion) seductive older woman and not the giggly teeny bopper I am at the moment.

Because I think that something magical happens on your 24th birthday that makes you instantly cooler.

That makes me sound like a nut when I type it out like that.

But you are reading my blog, you should of established that several entries ago.

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