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Tuesday, September 4

I don't like to complain... but

OK I love to complain, it gives me something to do, and right now I have a few things to complain about, OK it's just one thing.

I am now officially the poorest I have ever been since I can't remember when, I have eaten through my meagre savings my bills keep on getting bigger and bigger.

In order to save money, I am not leaving my house for anything other than work or university... oh and parties I have already R.S.V.P'd to

The worst thing about all this is that Threadless.com is having a ten dollar sale until tommorrow and I have no money on my credit card.

Woe is me! a new t-shirt would cure all that ails me.

P.S. Deryn! I'm usually a L-XL in the guys shirts, you could get me a girls XL but I usually find them too short and boob distorty

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