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Wednesday, September 5

Aint APEC grand?

The following has been circulating around Sydney (friend emailed to me), I have a few more of them but they aren't nearly as interesting, all this hullabaloo for some old birds.

Spouses of APEC Economic Leaders to dine at Icebergs Dining Room and Bar.
Sunday 9 September - Special Traffic arrangements from 7am to 4pm:
- The Bondi Cliff Walk will remain open.
- Residents of Notts Avenue can still walk or drive to and from their homes, however, vehicle access will not be possible for short periods of time between 7am and 4pm.
- Special Event Clearways will be established on both sides of the following roads:
� Campbell Parade, between Francis Street & Lamrock Avenue
� Notts Avenue, between Campbell Parade & Hunter Park
� Syd Enfield Drive, between York Road & Old South Head Road
- Members of Bondi Icebergs Club can access their pool as normal, but the pool will not be open to the public until 4pm.
- Bondi Icebergs Club to be closed until 4pm on Sunday 9 September
- If you are having guests to your home to watch the Festival of the Winds, please let them know in advance that they will not be able to park at your home and to consider public transport. You will need to escort your guests to your home and vouch for your guest. Residents will be asked to provide identification.

I think I'm going to attend the protest, I'm not really "Anti-Bush" (I'm not for him but I wish all these bloody protesters would focus on the other things that we need to be protesting for like the Kyoto Protocol and the whatnot and not on a "We hate George. W, we think he should not be allowed in our country" tirade) but I am pro-big crowds and and pro watching dreadlocked angry socialist hippies being sprayed by high powered water cannons.

I am so going to lefty hell for thinking that, I am a lefty I swear I just am not very far left, it smells over there.

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