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Monday, September 3

Days like today

Yesterday was (dead) Fathers Day... which sucks because my father is dead and everyone else's father seems to be live and kicking and giving them money.

But as of a few minutes ago it is Deryn's (he's my brother) birthday, and that rocks because his birthday is also my half birthday, so right now I'm officially 23 and a half! in six months time I will be 24 and officially stuck in the mid twenties, which sucks but I will also be a (in my opinion) seductive older woman and not the giggly teeny bopper I am at the moment.

Because I think that something magical happens on your 24th birthday that makes you instantly cooler.

That makes me sound like a nut when I type it out like that.

But you are reading my blog, you should of established that several entries ago.

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