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Thursday, September 27

Lessons in Jam Making.

When multiplying a recipe you should use mathematics not your eyes.

If you don't have the appropriate equipment to make jam don't wing it with empty soft drink bottles.

Pectin is your friend, and if you are making a non citrus based jam you should always extra on hand.

Anyways I have now three huge jars of strawberry syrup instead of jam, I might have a fiddle around with them to see if I can thicken them further but the syrup at least is mighty fine syrup, and makes a really nice cordial with some lime and soda water and perhaps could add it to my cider making experiment at the moment (did I tell you guys I'm into making booze out of juice at the moment?)

I also missed out on Rage Against the Machine tickets... they sold out in minutes this morning, I only blame my brother...

well at least there are scalpers and they wouldn't rip me off now would they?

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