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Wednesday, January 30

New Job New House, New Year

I have a new place, with a new housemate, and a new giant fridge.

for once in my life I can say I'm slightly smaller than the size of a fridge.

I have a new job, it's with a multi-national telecommunications company and it's soooo fricking good!

and I won't be pestering people on the phone they'll be pestering me!

Now I can start paying off my debts, and start saving for Splendour 2008... WOOT!

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Monday, January 14


Sex, it's a very fluid thing,

It relies on fluids (alcoholic) to get started

It requires fluids (personal) to keep going

And it ends in the expelling of more fluids (personal again).

And of course those fluids could possibly combine and create a new creature that will expel more fluids (digestive) for you to clean up.

Ok just a random thought, I have been preoccupied with sex of late, mainly because I managed to hook up two of my very good friends for a couple of sordid nights, despite their protestations, and all I needed was alcohol and a couple of subtle hints like

"he's gagging for a root!"

Oh goodness I am indeed a wordsmith!

Anyways they got laid, and I have realised my sledgehammer subtlety can be useful sometimes.

And I am considering offering my services to help all my friends appreciate the joy that is drunken casual sex.

And no not with me...

so are there any takers?

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Monday, January 7

At Last a reason to learn how to drive!

I have been umming and ahhing over getting a licence and a car but at last a decent use for a car

And apparently my friend who is visiting Sydney this week will also have a hire car for me to try this on.

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Scorese doing Hitchcock to sell wine

I just saw this, I likee, if you a are a wanky film buff like moi you may like it too.

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Saturday, January 5

Happy New Year!

I'm on my way out to go see one of my favourite groups 'Pink Martini' so this won't be a very long entry.

I just wanted to say quickly that 2007 was one of the best years of my life mostly because of all of the wonderful people I have met, I have been luckily enough to meet and hang out with the kindest, smartest, funniest, sexiest and most generous individuals these last few months and I just want to send you all out a big cyber hug to you all (if you read this blog at all)

and I'll write about my new house soon and maybe post some piccys.

Hooray a new year

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