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Wednesday, May 27

I'm getting married! and I want you to meet him

Isn’t he dreamy? He’s a food writer oh and he’s the lead singer of his own band… how bohemian!

Anyway I decided in January when I saw him live that I was going to marry him and after four and a bit months of restless nights I think I’m going to make it happen.

OK maybe not but if anyone knows anyone from Franz Ferdinand y’know drop them a message to pass onto Alex that Kimberly is ready and waiting.

At work daydreaming, Channel V is constantly looping Franz Ferdinand today (they play it at work constantly in the background) and it has triggered many Alex Kapranos fantasies.

Monday, May 25

I’ll soon be seeing some old friends…which makes me happy, super-hyper-mega happy  


Loved ones are celebrating milestones, Mum turns 50 in a couple of weeks, friends are all turning 25




I’m happy I really am, I’m just really buggered, I’m drinking gallons of tea at work the caffeine does nothing only the sensation of a full bladder keeps me awake.



I’m obsessed with black dresses at the moment, my brain my eyes and my ears all twitch when I see a black dress that I like, which is insanely stupid I already own several black dresses and other black clothes


I’m an idiot


Ok I’m not an idiot, I just fee like one