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Thursday, April 28

Don't Panic

I have been waiting for this day for years, since I first heard it mentioned I watched and I waited tingling with anticipation for the moment to arrive.

And today the 29th of April, 2005 the blessed event occured.

Today after school I saw The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on the big screen and it was good, very good.

I love it when a movie based on one of the greatest books ever! doesn't let me down.


I got a haircut yesterday after school, was supposed to be a trim but then I let the words slip 'take it all off" and now I have short hair instead of my majestic albeit ratty afro.

New Haircut

Well what do you think?

Most people hate it when I cut my hair short but I really don't feel like giving a damn today maybe when I go to school and people cry "what have you done with your hair?" might make me paranoid, oh screw it, it's only hair why am I thinking so much about it?

Tuesday, April 26

Anzac Day, 2005, What Did I Do?

I love Anzac day, I really do and as it was my first official Anzac day as a 'Grown-up Sydneysider' I had to go into the city and go see the parade.

However I slept in because I stayed up late chatting on msn so I hastily dressed and ran/ waddled to the bus-stop hoping that I would get a bus to get me into the city on time

Of course I did and I got to watch the parade.

The moral to the story is... If something in my life ever goes right it's usually a case of sheer dumb luck.

On a second note My darling friend Lib was in Sydney for the Anzac day parade so, we went on a SUPER-HYPER-MEGA shooping fling.

I couldn't afford anything as I on Saturday purchased a brand new 5.1 Megapixel Sony Cybershot, Digital Camera and fuck me, it's a beautiful piece of machinery. I love it ever so and even though I have a perfectly good digital camera, the batteries were being held in with sticky-tape and so I thought "why get the batery casing replaced when I can just spend $400 on a new digital camera"

Anyway off from my tangent the moral of my story is I spent alot of money today more than I could afford but it was to the furtherment of my career in make-up... honestly it is.

As Lib had never been, I took her to Max Brenner for a chocolate extravganza, as I so rarely see Lib I was justified in eating a small amount of wheat products and a large amount of chocolate products and I was very happy indeed.

Kimberly and Lib

It was great to see her again, I really miss just hanging out with my old friends of yore.

Thursday, April 21

Since When?

Since when, did just existing become exhausting?

Monday, April 18


I'm home, it's this bizarre feeling, not that Bulahdelah is my actual 'home' but seeing my brother and being surrounded by clutter makes me feel comfortable, chaos around me makes me feel better about myself.

Brother is the lovliest person on earth, when mother and I arrived he showed me a surprise he made specially for me, a Gorgeous flourless chocolate that he and his co-chefs (if that is an accurate term) made just for me cos a)I love the flourless chocolate cake that his restaurant makes and b) it hasn't got any flour in it whatsoever and as we all know I can't eat the evil wheat plant.

The whole family is tommorrow going to the solicitor to sort out Dad's estate, if there is one piece of condescending advice that I dispense that you actually listen to (trust me if you know me I'm full of crappy what you should do statements) if you have any assets whatsoever MAKE A WILL otherwise you will be spending alot of money in order to obtain a small amount of money.

The flourless chocolate cake is so rich that if you have more than a slice you feel quite ill, i've had two slices (ok, one slice and sliver but it's sooo rich the sliver counts as a whole slice) and I want to die, but I also want to eat the whole cake because if I'm dying I may as well eat the whole damn cake, I mean that would be logical... right?

Sunday, April 17

I'm bored

I'm bored

I'm waiting for a bus to work and bored so i thought i'd take a picture of the church across the road, because that's bored people do while waiting for the bus.

Saturday, April 16

I'm going home,

It's school holidays and I''m going home to see my dearest darling brother Deryn for the first time in like totally three months, Mother and I are leaving tommorrow evening after I finish work.


We will have a guest with us, he is a "friend" of Mothers, he wants to come up to Bulahdelah and do some Bushwalking, his description sounded ok; "English, male, school teacher with a psychology background" so I said sure why not, and then I had a conversation over the phone with him.

(basic hello's and pleasantries)
Him: So how are you?
Me: I'm ok just on my break at work.
Him: So what do you do?
Me: I'm a waitress.
Him: So what are you waiting for? (insert guffaws)

Instantly I thought, this man is an old creepy wank, I should assumed from the description 'English, male School Teacher with a psychology background' that he would be a wanker as all the "English, male, School Teachers with a psychology background" that I have met in my travels have also been total wankers (ok truth be told I have only met one other person that remotley fits this description but for the record he isn't a total wanker just a part time one)

Anyway as Mr English Wank wants to encroach on my chill out with my darling brother time, I will have to humiliate him "Crappy Disney Childrens Movie Style" you might better know the technique as the 'CDCMS' or at least humiliate mother, I mean how dare she make friends with a total wank.

Yes I know I'm being a complete immature idiot.

But I'm going to see my brother tommorrow so it makes it all better

Wednesday, April 13

Dead Dad Day: Part deux

I took my Mother out to coffee and we had some pretty fine carrot cake, I don't think mum understood the significance of the carrot cake, she just doesn't like caramel so she ordered the carrot cake.

You see whenever dad and I went out for coffee or to restaurants etc. he would always order carrot cake, not because he particularly liked carrot cake, but because he was in search of the perfect slice, it became a game we played we tasted cakes that were too dry, too moist, the icing was too sweet, the icing was too buttery, and so on and so forth we did once find a carrot and ginger dish that both Dad and I deemed perfect, but then disqualified it on the basis that it was actually a pudding not a cake. Today he would of deemed the carrot cake too dry.

Now I'm not supposed to eat cake because wheat is evil and causes gas and not the good nitrous oxide kind, it also creates a few other nasty bodily functions, but the last few days haven't really given a fuck.

Am now eating a dinner I made for myself of char-sui style lamb cutlets on a bed of asian greens and red capsicum w/ rice noodles and a longneck of strongbow apple cider, while I'm eating dinner I am watching Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining"

Damn Mourning is good.

Dead Dad Day: Part One

I woke up and had nothing to do so I danced a good half hour in my underwear to Iggy Pop's 'Lust For Life' ok the song only lasts five minutes, but I couldn't think of a more suitable song so I repeated it three or four times until I was worn out.

Who knew mourning would be so cool.

Now what to do next.

Tuesday, April 12

I need Distractions.

On wednesday it will be a year since my father died, I can say it to myself and to anybody else I know a million times and it still doesn't seem to have any actual meaning.

My Father is Dead.

It's a sentence, it's a statement, it's a fact, it's been made into a law there is no way I can change it, it's permanent. Funny thing is I have always wanted something permanent in my life.

What is the point of the rambling? well I am appealing to you, yes you to distract me this wednesday the 13th of April with the first annual "Distract Kimberly enough so she doesn't dwell on the things she can't change day"

So if anyone wants to join me for a few hours of anything from alcohol to more alcohol, or help me keep away from it, you know how to contact me people (via email kimberlyDotlivesATgmailDOTcom), and tell your friends.

Ok I probably don't need a day of distractions, but how does one cope? is there a one year anniversary of death ceremony? do you just sit an cry and scream melodramatically "Oh Why God Why?" ?, Deryn (that's my brother folks) is going to be working, I asked him 'why?' and he said "what else am I going to do?" I however took the whole day off specifically and now I don't know what the fuck to do with it.

It's 2am and these are the thoughts that are keeping me awake.

I remember when I used to be kept awake by thoughts of what to wear tommorrow and Colin Firth in a wet shirt

I wonder why I eased up on my Firth obsession?

Actually I think it coincided when I saw him make out with that sour faced Renee Zellweger.

Oh good I have a new thought to keep me awake.

Sunday, April 10

A conversation about 'The Code'

I had a conversation with my boss today at work, it wasn't particularly remarkable, few of my conversations are, but I have such a non-eventful life that even the pithiest conversation will be turned into a journal entry.

Boss: Kimberly?
Kimberly: Yes?
Boss: What's that you are reading?
Kimberly: (being my trademark smartarse self) It's a book
Boss: yes, but what is the book about
Kimberly: it's actually the script for one of my favourite plays.
Boss: (jumping in her seat) Ooh what is it? Can I look?
Kimberly: yes sure, here you go.
Boss: hmm, theres no pictures?
Kimberly: it's a script
Boss: sorry I thought they had pictures or is that something else.
Kimberly: I'm sorry I have no idea what you are talking about
Boss: ooh I know have you read 'The Da Vinci Code'? don't you think it's amazing?
Kimberly: actually no I haven't had the chance.
Boss: I thought you'd be the first to read it as you like those arty things and hate catholics
Kimberly: I don't hate catholics
Boss: yes you do, you say you hate catholics all the time
Kimberly: no I don't!
Boss: yes you do
(repeat previous two lines for five minutes)
Kimberly: oh you misinterpreted me I hate 'Catholcism' not Catholics, theres a big difference
Boss: is there? I don't know,but anyway you should read 'The Code' it's amazing
Kimberly: 'The Code'????
Boss: "The Da Vinci Code" Kimberly do you ever listen?

Ok so this usually happens a few times a week where I get pestered to go read "The Da Vinci Code" but for some reason my faux intellectual siuperiority makes me think that I am too good for this novel, and for all intents and purposes lets say I am, therefore Ok I honestly have nothing, I just can't be arsed, I wouldn't of minded if I had read this book before everyone else and then bragged about it saying that I read Dan Brown years ago, but every man and his bloody dog has read this book and if I can't be the leader I'd rather crawl under a rock and die than be a bloody sheep buying the book on tape.

I'll wait a year for the bloody movie.

One question though, ok make it two, 1) Do you think that I should read "The Da Vinci Code"? and 2) Please tell me that my boss is the only person in the world that refers to the novel as "The Code"?

Thursday, April 7

School Holidays Begin

It has been a while since I have experienced the humble school holiday, it isn't really an experience, but hell I like to over-exaggerate.

I have completed my first term of make-up school and I didn't injure or maim anybody.

I just calculated that in the last two weeks I have spent close to ok extremely close to two hundred dollars in cosmetics and magazines, but luckily for me I can claim it was all in the name of my study, because reading 'Allure' and 'Instyle' is really quite a demmanding task, but it must be done and I cannot, nay MUST not go and rock the boat, and somebody said "you can never have too many eyeshadows" and believe it or not I believe that statement to be absolutely true, and I have to spend accordingly.

But it's all in the name of education, creamy, sheer, matte education.