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Monday, April 18


I'm home, it's this bizarre feeling, not that Bulahdelah is my actual 'home' but seeing my brother and being surrounded by clutter makes me feel comfortable, chaos around me makes me feel better about myself.

Brother is the lovliest person on earth, when mother and I arrived he showed me a surprise he made specially for me, a Gorgeous flourless chocolate that he and his co-chefs (if that is an accurate term) made just for me cos a)I love the flourless chocolate cake that his restaurant makes and b) it hasn't got any flour in it whatsoever and as we all know I can't eat the evil wheat plant.

The whole family is tommorrow going to the solicitor to sort out Dad's estate, if there is one piece of condescending advice that I dispense that you actually listen to (trust me if you know me I'm full of crappy what you should do statements) if you have any assets whatsoever MAKE A WILL otherwise you will be spending alot of money in order to obtain a small amount of money.

The flourless chocolate cake is so rich that if you have more than a slice you feel quite ill, i've had two slices (ok, one slice and sliver but it's sooo rich the sliver counts as a whole slice) and I want to die, but I also want to eat the whole cake because if I'm dying I may as well eat the whole damn cake, I mean that would be logical... right?

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