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Wednesday, April 13

Dead Dad Day: Part deux

I took my Mother out to coffee and we had some pretty fine carrot cake, I don't think mum understood the significance of the carrot cake, she just doesn't like caramel so she ordered the carrot cake.

You see whenever dad and I went out for coffee or to restaurants etc. he would always order carrot cake, not because he particularly liked carrot cake, but because he was in search of the perfect slice, it became a game we played we tasted cakes that were too dry, too moist, the icing was too sweet, the icing was too buttery, and so on and so forth we did once find a carrot and ginger dish that both Dad and I deemed perfect, but then disqualified it on the basis that it was actually a pudding not a cake. Today he would of deemed the carrot cake too dry.

Now I'm not supposed to eat cake because wheat is evil and causes gas and not the good nitrous oxide kind, it also creates a few other nasty bodily functions, but the last few days haven't really given a fuck.

Am now eating a dinner I made for myself of char-sui style lamb cutlets on a bed of asian greens and red capsicum w/ rice noodles and a longneck of strongbow apple cider, while I'm eating dinner I am watching Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining"

Damn Mourning is good.

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