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Thursday, July 23

Splendour 2009: Part One

I am writing this in bed from Brunswick Heads staying at this cute cottage crammed with 6 of us all awaiting Splendour, I'm the only girl here and it becomes really obvious when I realise most of the people in this cottage have never been around a woman other than their mother.

I have been in a car for twelve hours today and I didn't get a single wink of sleep last night or today I'm a wee bit wired, every month towards the end I usually have this odd convergence of my menstrual period/ the busiest time at work and general family and personal dilemmas that haunt me always and I think I'm coming down with a cold my throat is swollen and sore.

Oh well on Saturday I will get to see'The Specials' live and it will all be worth it.

Friday, July 17

Stupid digestive tract.

I wish I had money

so I could buy this necklace or

this brooch ( I really am so in love with you why is shipping so expensive)

or this necklace

I spent all my money on Quinoa, Amaranth and coconut flour and other hippy gluten free bullshit, all so I can live a fucking longer and happier life without being a gas bag.

But what's the fucking point if I can't have a toucan brooch.

Life was so much easier when I lived off Mi Goreng and toast and spent the money I had left over on new clothes, ahh those were the days.

Stupid digestive tract.

Tuesday, July 14

On my way to open bar I mean work function. To drink, and discuss the annual results, whilst drinking and eating. Last years one was the drunkest I had ever been. I apparently propositioned a former party pash i bumped into on the bus ride home and stole a bag of garlic being used for decoration. But I usually pinch stuff when drunk.

Thursday, July 9

Long lost things I am looking for #1

I remember seeing this movie when I was probably ten, and then while blog surfing someone mentioned it and now memories have been triggered.

I need to find this movie and watch it now.

I also need to get a hold of Blythe Spirit

Friday, July 3

I'm going to go and pick some of those wild stawberries

Cardigan: SARA
Top: Vigilante Labs via Etsy
Skirt: Autograph
Stockings: razzamatazz
Shoes: Evans

I got a package from here, and I'm ever so impressed, I got some wacky printed tanks and even a scratch and sniff one.

I'm also posting this picture as I want my brothers opinion of my new big arse black plastic glasses, I love them but as they say boys don't make passes at girls that wear glasses especially when she purchased them for the specific purpose of looking a bit more dorky.

I do really like the whole outfit today I feel like me but also slightly grownded up.

Now off to make buffalo wings and blue cheese ranch dressing

sigh work tommorrow on a Saturday.

I had two days off this week because I lost my voice, I seem to lose it every month or so but when you work on phones it's your money maker so I just have to sit at home wondering what to do that doesn't involve talking.

Most of the time is spent planning my wedding to Alex, my dress, the cake, the band, now I'm not really the marrying type (as I have never been married so I would assume that I'm not ) but for him I'll make an exception.

Also when I'm bored I'm also usually trolling Etsy or looking at food porn

I sometimes like to pretend I'm a mature responsible adult and spend my free days de-cluttering the home, and making pastries and cakes for the household, or buying seasonal fruit and making bulk lots of jam. I usually start and then witing ten miniutes am distracted but t.v, internet or sleep.

Now I'm imagining what I'm going to have for lunch, I feel like eating persian fetta straight out of the jar but I won't (I don't have enough)