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Friday, July 3

I had two days off this week because I lost my voice, I seem to lose it every month or so but when you work on phones it's your money maker so I just have to sit at home wondering what to do that doesn't involve talking.

Most of the time is spent planning my wedding to Alex, my dress, the cake, the band, now I'm not really the marrying type (as I have never been married so I would assume that I'm not ) but for him I'll make an exception.

Also when I'm bored I'm also usually trolling Etsy or looking at food porn

I sometimes like to pretend I'm a mature responsible adult and spend my free days de-cluttering the home, and making pastries and cakes for the household, or buying seasonal fruit and making bulk lots of jam. I usually start and then witing ten miniutes am distracted but t.v, internet or sleep.

Now I'm imagining what I'm going to have for lunch, I feel like eating persian fetta straight out of the jar but I won't (I don't have enough)

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