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Wednesday, September 28

A quick note

German food and lots of beer isn't good
spent an hour at Gym trying to work it off, oh my german food is far too rich
need to sleep.
Have work in a few hours, oh fuckbuckets

Sunday, September 25

So much to say so little to tell.

I havent been here for a while

- I was in Manly doing make-up for a charity show, it was the most fun I have ever had (without being tied up naked to a telegraph show)
- I turned my dear gal-pal Ramona into a tsunami victim for an Assignment
- I helped teach ten year old girls how to do theatre make-up
-I got t do make-up for the Deadly awards and meet famous people like Ernie Dingo and Casey Donovan
- I also got mistaken for Casey donovan
-I went on date type thing and saw Wallace and Grommit
- I havent slept in weeks
- When I oficially become a home owner in a weeks time I will owe the government $8000
- Have missed my Dad too much this week
-I'm broke-ish
-Ok I'm really broke
-But it could be worse, I could be short

Saturday, September 17

Come to the 'ville!

Tommorrow in the bestest suburb in Sydney, no it's not Clovelly it's my suburb of Marrickville, anyway tomorrow is the "Marrickville Festival" the best day ever where you gorge on miniature pancakes and thai food and just have a real good time listening to music, and looking at samples and flyers.

Anyway I live in Marrickville and I am issuing an open invitation to all who read to come visit marrickville and party hard with me, all you have to do is from Railway Square in the city catch a 423 or a 426 and when you get to Marrickville rd, just Holler my name, I'll find you, or better still, email me or text me and I'll tell you where to meet me.

If you don't know me i'll be the fat chick with frizzy hair causing a scene.

Hope to see you there

Wednesday, September 14

What do you think?

What do you think?
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We are making people bald at school at the moment and i'm seriously considering shaving my head, what do you guys think? That or getting my hair permanently straightened, please tell me your thoughts on the matter.

Sunday, September 11

I have decided.

I have decided that people in relationships are stupid!

wait scratch that

I have decided that people in mediocre relationships are stupid!

no wait

I have decided that people content with being in mediocre relationships are stupid!

Anyway that's what I wanted to say, and that in hearing so many peoples relationship stories I'm going to make sure I don't settle for mediocrity in a relationship.

That and bad breath, I hate bastards with bad breath.

Oh and short people

Thursday, September 8

Sent via mobile

Am on the bus on my way home from school, just saw my dear friend Richie for coffee and cake.

My life is kinda blurry, almost dream like nothing feels real or constant, I wonder if this feeling ever does end or at least calm down to more bearable levels?

Sunday, September 4

Congratulations Kylie and Andy!

One of my dearest girlfriends Kylie just got engaged to her boy Andy

I'm so happy for her, but i'm also very pissed off

I want to get engaged, and plan a party that revolves around me in a white dress.

I want a three tiered cake with a minature me on top

Anyone want to get married?

Friday, September 2

no reason at all

I don't like myself, I never have and I probably never will,
I'm one of those people who complain for the sake of complaining.
I think I'm incredibly selfish
I think I'm incredibly shallow
I am a wanker, or will grow up to be one
A wanker in a fat chick with an afro suit.

Actually there is no reason why I dislike myself, I'm doing well at school, I have lovely friends, even work isn't that bad I just want to complain, because then at least i'm doing something

Unusual night I had this evening, wait now it's yesterday.
Went on second date
I had fun
you don't need to know more except 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' was great.

Actually life is great, i'm just too shallow to realise

Tomorrow is Deryns birthday, Sunday is Father's Day

Now I'm teary, Now i'm going to bed.