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Friday, September 2

no reason at all

I don't like myself, I never have and I probably never will,
I'm one of those people who complain for the sake of complaining.
I think I'm incredibly selfish
I think I'm incredibly shallow
I am a wanker, or will grow up to be one
A wanker in a fat chick with an afro suit.

Actually there is no reason why I dislike myself, I'm doing well at school, I have lovely friends, even work isn't that bad I just want to complain, because then at least i'm doing something

Unusual night I had this evening, wait now it's yesterday.
Went on second date
I had fun
you don't need to know more except 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' was great.

Actually life is great, i'm just too shallow to realise

Tomorrow is Deryns birthday, Sunday is Father's Day

Now I'm teary, Now i'm going to bed.


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Scottie said...

You're being WAY too hard on yourself...
I have no doubt this is a difficult time for you, and feelings of badness are little bastards who attack at times like this...things are going to get better again, without a doubt.