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Sunday, September 25

So much to say so little to tell.

I havent been here for a while

- I was in Manly doing make-up for a charity show, it was the most fun I have ever had (without being tied up naked to a telegraph show)
- I turned my dear gal-pal Ramona into a tsunami victim for an Assignment
- I helped teach ten year old girls how to do theatre make-up
-I got t do make-up for the Deadly awards and meet famous people like Ernie Dingo and Casey Donovan
- I also got mistaken for Casey donovan
-I went on date type thing and saw Wallace and Grommit
- I havent slept in weeks
- When I oficially become a home owner in a weeks time I will owe the government $8000
- Have missed my Dad too much this week
-I'm broke-ish
-Ok I'm really broke
-But it could be worse, I could be short

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