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Saturday, September 17

Come to the 'ville!

Tommorrow in the bestest suburb in Sydney, no it's not Clovelly it's my suburb of Marrickville, anyway tomorrow is the "Marrickville Festival" the best day ever where you gorge on miniature pancakes and thai food and just have a real good time listening to music, and looking at samples and flyers.

Anyway I live in Marrickville and I am issuing an open invitation to all who read to come visit marrickville and party hard with me, all you have to do is from Railway Square in the city catch a 423 or a 426 and when you get to Marrickville rd, just Holler my name, I'll find you, or better still, email me or text me and I'll tell you where to meet me.

If you don't know me i'll be the fat chick with frizzy hair causing a scene.

Hope to see you there

1 comment:

kersh said...

Hey Kim,
Last one for the night. I just talked to Deryn this arvo and he said he was going to see you. So i told him to say "HEllo" from me. So if he doesnt let me know, and i will metaphorically kick his arse. Hope life is sweet. God damn Im back in Bulah and it sucks arse, SOOOooo boring.