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Monday, August 29

Yes so, um err.

I have just been on a date, with a boy, and it wasn't a horrific experience, it was actually quite nice and who knows there might even be a second date.

I don't know what else to say umm err

I hate being at a loss for words.

I use the word 'I' too much

it's just a letter but it means so much to me.

I think I better go to bed.

Friday, August 26

I just looked at the picture from the last entry and shite! my legs and feet are shocking.

I wonder if doctors do cosmetic amputations?

Things I have to say, I need lots of money, and I need to get laid and I need to dance and I need to sleep for about fifty years

I'm kind of stuck in this feeling of awkward melancholy, I'm not miserable nor am I angy, I'm just feeling very very awkward.

I better go, I have to go and create wounds for first aid students

Thursday, August 25

I'm still stickin it to the man!

I'm a mutha fucking renegade!

Thursday, August 11

You have to read this!

My brother's friend Daniel said something that was too true, that or I'm so high on antihistamines, that I find anything prolific.

I am cooking a real life Genuine Donna Hay recepie straight from the Sunday paper it has chorizo in it so I am very impressed with it already, I am so domestic, I am so the perfect package now why won't anybody love me?

Probably because I don't know how to love, loves love?

Tuesday, August 9

I'm slipping, world seems to be falling down around me, all I want to do is sleep.

Saturday, August 6

Lense capped for life

make-up 006
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Well I'll make a long story short but a trip to my G.P. led to a trip to an Optometrist which led to him saying 'Fuck girl, you need glasses!' ok he would of phrased a little more eloquently but the fact is, that my vision has gotten worse and so now instead of a girl who needs reading glasses I'm a girl who needs glasses to go to the ladies room, well what do you think? they cost me $280 of next months school fees but I just couldn't bear to put something ugly on my face, my face needs all the help it can get.

I wonder if I become a full time glasses wearer I'll become more attractive to people with librarian fetishes? I am fat with nasty hair and cheap clothing I so could be a librarian.

"I'll show you a catalogue grrrrr!"