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Friday, August 26

I just looked at the picture from the last entry and shite! my legs and feet are shocking.

I wonder if doctors do cosmetic amputations?

Things I have to say, I need lots of money, and I need to get laid and I need to dance and I need to sleep for about fifty years

I'm kind of stuck in this feeling of awkward melancholy, I'm not miserable nor am I angy, I'm just feeling very very awkward.

I better go, I have to go and create wounds for first aid students

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Daniel said...

It seems to be a fact of life that all living things inhabiting this....earth, come to a stage in their life where the natural feeling of the mother....earth takes control of the mind, body and soul.
"I" have a clue as to when this happens only because "I" am now part of this mother hosting feeling; but, with this being said "I" can now no longer describe to you when this happens. "I" thought "I" knew, but now "I" dont, maybe "I" never knew...


Take me now to a place of love,
Not to a place where i want to be,
I want the feeling of loving emotions,
Running, wrapping, spinning, swirling all around me.