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Sunday, December 25

It's Christmas day, I am waiting up for my brothers arrival, I should be cleaning my flat, but I'm procrastinating as usual, but I did make him trifle which is sort of the same. It's the first official Christmas trifle I have made without the assistance of dad, I started crying when the jelly wouldn't set right but it went alright and hopefully nobody will die.

I am uber broke, and I have a million things to do.

I have to update you on a few things theres mystery, mayhem and more men than you can poke a stick at (that is assuming you can only poke a stick at one man at the most)

Merry Christmas, and etc. and bug me and keep on bugging me until i post again

Monday, December 12

It all ends tommorrow.

I graduate tomorrow,
next stop the Apocalypse.
I'm scared.
I'm excited.
I don't know what to do.
any ideas?

Tuesday, December 6

WARNING: you may be able to see a boobie

Originally uploaded by kimberly.lives.
This is a body painting I just did last week, it's my take on one of my most favourite artworks ever "Girl Before a Mirror" by Picasso, it's just such a bright, beautiful painting, and always makes me feel much more creative, I just hope my work did it justice I mean it's fucking Picasso for chris'sakes

Another sample of my work.

Originally uploaded by kimberly.lives.
This is a before and after photo of my mother, In the photo on the left she is forty-five and wearing a nice basic make-up in the photo isn't she cute, but in the photo on the right I made her up to be a sixty-five year old homeless person.

She didn't like me much that day but if she doesn't look after me that could be her future.

(ooh and the beannie she is wearing I knitted that!)

Monday, December 5

A potent mix.

The combination of red wine, sex, cigarettes and me thinking I could dance to the end credits of a movie has resulted in me spending six hours in the emergency ward and eight stitches in my right leg and one in my left.

My apartment right now looks like it has been used as a maxi-pad, I should do something about that.

Oh yeah and "one night stand boy" has been upgraded to dating status, and will now be referred to as 'Rocky' I seem to bring out the bad 'Rocky Balboa' impersonation out in him.

But he is really cute.