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Saturday, April 16

I'm going home,

It's school holidays and I''m going home to see my dearest darling brother Deryn for the first time in like totally three months, Mother and I are leaving tommorrow evening after I finish work.


We will have a guest with us, he is a "friend" of Mothers, he wants to come up to Bulahdelah and do some Bushwalking, his description sounded ok; "English, male, school teacher with a psychology background" so I said sure why not, and then I had a conversation over the phone with him.

(basic hello's and pleasantries)
Him: So how are you?
Me: I'm ok just on my break at work.
Him: So what do you do?
Me: I'm a waitress.
Him: So what are you waiting for? (insert guffaws)

Instantly I thought, this man is an old creepy wank, I should assumed from the description 'English, male School Teacher with a psychology background' that he would be a wanker as all the "English, male, School Teachers with a psychology background" that I have met in my travels have also been total wankers (ok truth be told I have only met one other person that remotley fits this description but for the record he isn't a total wanker just a part time one)

Anyway as Mr English Wank wants to encroach on my chill out with my darling brother time, I will have to humiliate him "Crappy Disney Childrens Movie Style" you might better know the technique as the 'CDCMS' or at least humiliate mother, I mean how dare she make friends with a total wank.

Yes I know I'm being a complete immature idiot.

But I'm going to see my brother tommorrow so it makes it all better

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