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Sunday, April 10

A conversation about 'The Code'

I had a conversation with my boss today at work, it wasn't particularly remarkable, few of my conversations are, but I have such a non-eventful life that even the pithiest conversation will be turned into a journal entry.

Boss: Kimberly?
Kimberly: Yes?
Boss: What's that you are reading?
Kimberly: (being my trademark smartarse self) It's a book
Boss: yes, but what is the book about
Kimberly: it's actually the script for one of my favourite plays.
Boss: (jumping in her seat) Ooh what is it? Can I look?
Kimberly: yes sure, here you go.
Boss: hmm, theres no pictures?
Kimberly: it's a script
Boss: sorry I thought they had pictures or is that something else.
Kimberly: I'm sorry I have no idea what you are talking about
Boss: ooh I know have you read 'The Da Vinci Code'? don't you think it's amazing?
Kimberly: actually no I haven't had the chance.
Boss: I thought you'd be the first to read it as you like those arty things and hate catholics
Kimberly: I don't hate catholics
Boss: yes you do, you say you hate catholics all the time
Kimberly: no I don't!
Boss: yes you do
(repeat previous two lines for five minutes)
Kimberly: oh you misinterpreted me I hate 'Catholcism' not Catholics, theres a big difference
Boss: is there? I don't know,but anyway you should read 'The Code' it's amazing
Kimberly: 'The Code'????
Boss: "The Da Vinci Code" Kimberly do you ever listen?

Ok so this usually happens a few times a week where I get pestered to go read "The Da Vinci Code" but for some reason my faux intellectual siuperiority makes me think that I am too good for this novel, and for all intents and purposes lets say I am, therefore Ok I honestly have nothing, I just can't be arsed, I wouldn't of minded if I had read this book before everyone else and then bragged about it saying that I read Dan Brown years ago, but every man and his bloody dog has read this book and if I can't be the leader I'd rather crawl under a rock and die than be a bloody sheep buying the book on tape.

I'll wait a year for the bloody movie.

One question though, ok make it two, 1) Do you think that I should read "The Da Vinci Code"? and 2) Please tell me that my boss is the only person in the world that refers to the novel as "The Code"?


Ramona said...

I havent read it either, the fact that every man and his dog has read it combined with the fact I mostly end up hating all these "best seller's list" novel's has made resolve to never read it. EVER.

Vicky said...

Ohh, someone at my work keeps pestering me to read that book too - and I thought I was the only one! Mind you, I do work in a library, so that might change things a bit. Just bite the bullet and read it, then you'll be able to reply wih a smug "Yes" when anyone asks...