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Tuesday, April 26

Anzac Day, 2005, What Did I Do?

I love Anzac day, I really do and as it was my first official Anzac day as a 'Grown-up Sydneysider' I had to go into the city and go see the parade.

However I slept in because I stayed up late chatting on msn so I hastily dressed and ran/ waddled to the bus-stop hoping that I would get a bus to get me into the city on time

Of course I did and I got to watch the parade.

The moral to the story is... If something in my life ever goes right it's usually a case of sheer dumb luck.

On a second note My darling friend Lib was in Sydney for the Anzac day parade so, we went on a SUPER-HYPER-MEGA shooping fling.

I couldn't afford anything as I on Saturday purchased a brand new 5.1 Megapixel Sony Cybershot, Digital Camera and fuck me, it's a beautiful piece of machinery. I love it ever so and even though I have a perfectly good digital camera, the batteries were being held in with sticky-tape and so I thought "why get the batery casing replaced when I can just spend $400 on a new digital camera"

Anyway off from my tangent the moral of my story is I spent alot of money today more than I could afford but it was to the furtherment of my career in make-up... honestly it is.

As Lib had never been, I took her to Max Brenner for a chocolate extravganza, as I so rarely see Lib I was justified in eating a small amount of wheat products and a large amount of chocolate products and I was very happy indeed.

Kimberly and Lib

It was great to see her again, I really miss just hanging out with my old friends of yore.

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