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Friday, October 5

What is Octsober?

Now if you are a friend of mine on the facebook (and checked my profile on occasion) you would of noticed I am currently celebrating 'Octsober' a new holiday on the Kimberly-lives calendar, it's my first year of celebrating (as I just made it up last month) and there are some rules that I have to stick to in order to get the best out of Octsober.

- No alcohol is to be consumed during 'Octsober' (convieniently held over the month of October)

I did make a slight exception with this rule as I'm allowed to taste test the hooch i have been making with these and also they barely made three percent alcohol

- If I am seen with an alcoholic drink then I have to purchase two alcoholic drinks for everyone who spots me with booze.

- I am not to consume any illicit substances

- I am not to consume any wheat products or white rice or refined sugar

I have to start being a good girl again, I'm drinking far too much and eating the bad foods that make me sleepy so it's kind of like a detox but with a cooler name, I mean 'Octsober' that is freakin' gold that is.

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